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  1. Thanks for all the replies, it feels like you've steered me back in the right direction. Although a pair of ys250s could have been a long term aim it would be a bit of an overkill for my my little camera. Living in the UK does make photography difficult as I can only really have a good play with my camera when I go away..by plane and hence the flight/luggage/kit/clothes issues. At least I'll have a piece of kit that'll be adaptable and the missus can have my old strobe for her little nikon so that she can get more colours that blue into her photos!! Thanks again Graham
  2. Thanks mike, that was the direction I was heading in but after reading the forums I was being swayed. The forums are heavily promoting the 250s and looking at the differences in the guide numbers I didn't know if I'd be gaining much from my ys-25.(20) vs 110 (22) and the 250(32). I'm trying to get a rough idea of an equivalent guide number for 2X22s!
  3. I have a Sea & Sea DX5000 which I use with a ys-25 strobe especially when I go abroad with my backpack however I wish to upgrade the strobe for something better when I go on diving hols . Most of my photography is done overseas (not mcuh call for a camera in the UK although diving is good!) so weight is a consideration. What would anyone recommend? It is mainly reef pictures I take and the YS 25 does me proud on close up and I may use it if I were to buy the YS250 to reduce shadowing on macro work. Thanks Graham
  4. I have a Sea & Sea DX5000 with a ys-25 strobe which gives me quite a lot of flexibility and is as far as I want to go without going to u/w digital SLR (too heavy when flying!). However I am looking to upgrade the strobe to either a pair of ys110s whereby the missus can use the ys25 on her little nikon or a single ys250 that I can pair with the ys-25 when I do close up work. I'd just like other peoples opinions on the 2 options. I want to keep the ys-25 for when I do travelling type hols as it fits into a rucksack neatly! I assume 2x22 guide number doesn't equal 44! FYI been using SLR above water for many many years and used to setting camera manually, hence although fiddly I quite like the DX5000 as it offers me the manual settings to play around, however I do also like setting it to auto and clicking away!
  5. Have just upgraded my ageing mx-10 to a Nikon 5200 and I am purcahsing the nikon wp-cp2 housing for it. Can anyone recommend a strobe for the little beauty? I would also like the flexibility of doing some macro work so any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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