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  1. Selling a great camera and a factory underwater housing for SCUBA diving. I've used this for a few trips and it has been a fantastic kit. I got everything new when the camera came out, but on my first trip I flooded the housing. So I got another camera, and cleaned up the housing. Unfortunatly you can see a little haze or what-not around the housing lens periphery, but the lens is clean and the outer residue - which could probably be cleaned better - doesn't affect my photos. The camera itself is in great shape. I only used it on dive trips - which are ~1X/yr for a week or so. You can read all the specs on the camera below. Comes with 2 factory batteries, factory housing (which I paid $800), Camera, lens, flash, & charger. Housing has a spare 0-ring and o-ring tool. I have >3X this much invested and it still works great and I've gotten some great photos from it, but I'm taking my big camera underwater now, so don't need this kit. Photos on CL: https://boulder.craigslist.org/pho/6359904878.html Ad says local only, but I will ship if buyer pays Cont-US only shipping. Jeremy
  2. I decided its time for a real focus light. Not wanting to spend too much thought I'd poll for opinions. Hoping to be in the $100 range. I will be using a Sony RX100 VI - or whatever it is they announce in a few days as the successor to the RX100 V. I have been using a Pano Micro 4/3's and decided its time to update. I shoot 99.99% stills so I dont care about its video capabilities. It will be a focus light and night dive light - tho I have other main dive lights for night... so I dont need a lot of power. I use dual S2000 strobes. Not sure what else info is needed. I'd prefer not to use something with 'tossable' batteries. I would expect to mount it on the cold shoe tho I have a triple ball adapter so I could mount on an arm. I do get great pricing at Light&Motion so those guys rise to the top of the list - bit still cost a decent bit. Much thanks! Jeremy
  3. Got one of them thar' TTL cords for your Ike needs. $50 + ship. US only pls. Works as it should. Nice and clean. jlubkin1@gmail.com
  4. I have an ulcs single tray with one ulcs handle. Pretty sure its the TR-D, so I guess I could get the TR-DUP. I'm away from my stuff until the 9th but I leave for RA on the 25th so want to order anything I need to get soon so it arrives in time.
  5. Sadly I opted for a single tray setup and one strobe and moving to 2. Im using an Oly E-PM1 w/ PT-EP06 housing and ULCS arms. Would need the dual tray and one handle or some other dual setup. Would also take another optical cable if anyone has one sitting around. Else I'll likely order parts to make one from Divervision with my second S2000. You know you have one sitting there. You know you'll never use it. Thanks, Jeremy jlubkin1@gmail.com
  6. One final shameless bump. Reefnet Subsee would also be fine and dandy, or even the Oly one.
  7. Looking to get a closeup lens for my Oly EPM1 housing. Prefer the Inon but the Oly is ok or the Subsee if price is good. Anyone have one sitting around they dont need anymore?
  8. Bump on this - the link did not work. Leaving for trip soon and want to get the best setup for macro on E-PM1 + Housing (well, best low cost setup).
  9. Final bump before ebay (been too busy to list but will go on ebay on Wed if not taken - but would rather someone on here get it).
  10. Yes, this is still available. $450 for 2 batteries, smart charger, and digital (blue band) Ike sync cord. Second sync cord for $50 to buyer if they want it (they are $100 new and its in perfect shape).
  11. I'd rather just sell the whole setup. Its going on ebay next week if nobody wants it here.
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