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  1. I am building my new website and want to correctly include species in all images' metadata keywords. I know quite a few people use the MarineLife list which costs $100 from http://keywordworkflow.com/products/marinelife/ (with 5% off if you use the WetPixel offer code listed at http://wetpixel.com/i.php/marinekeywords, although the link from that page is incorrect) I have found another list that is significantly cheaper at $20, and wondered if anyone is using it and can comment? The purchase page is at http://www.jpdodelphoto.com/keywords/
  2. Canon have replied that the 8-15 is not compatible with their extenders.
  3. I only have cropped sensor bodies - a 7d and an 'old' 40d. The advantage is that the 8-15 is a superior lens to the Tokina, and I don't want to have to carry the Tokina when I've got the Canon, I might even sell it. Thanks to Ryan for his reply here, and by email offering to upgrade my dome for free. Excellent service.
  4. I've had another go at this and found that actually, the lens WILL work with a Kenko behind it, given decent light on the focus object. The remaining issue is gearing. As I am shooting on a 7d, I think it will be fine in the DP-100 I bought for the Tokina.
  5. Thanks to all repliers. I wonder if the different design for the DP100 is for full frame sensor cameras? I've contacted Zen and will report back.
  6. The issue with using extenders is finding gearing rings that let you change the focal length. I use a DP100 with a 20mm Nauticam extension ring when using the Kenko, and Nauti's specially designed gearing ring for that set up. I tried the 8-15mm lens with a 25mm tube just for fun - no focussed images possible. Likewise a Canon 25mm tube doesn't get anywhere near the 2x II extender because of the cylinder as described above. It's like Lego for grown-ups!!
  7. Looking at photos of the Canon 1.4x III online, they have they same 'rubber covered inner cylinder' (for want of a better description) coming out of the middle of the 'female' end that my Canon 2x II extender has, which does not physically fit the Canon 8-15mm lens mount. [eg http://www.canon.co.uk/For_Home/Product_Fi...der_EF_14x_III/] So I suspect that one may not even be able to attach the lens to the 1.4x III extender. However, I'll wait to see what Canon tell me tomorrow.
  8. Thanks Tim. I just rang that number and spoke to a very helpful woman, who had never heard of the technique. I explained to her why we do it. She has access to the lens and a Canon 1.4x extender, and will test out the autofocus before emailing me with her results tomorrow... so watch this space BTW, The Zen Dp-100 fits the lens, but Alex T (Nauticam UK) has told me that as there is a mini-dome specifically for the lens, there may be some issue. He's getting back to me on that. (edited for the BTW & spelling)
  9. I've just taken receipt of the new Canon 8-15mm lens. Putting a Kenko teleconverter behind a Tokina 10-17 results in a tight almost macro field of view with huge depth of field, a very popular and adaptable set-up for cropped-sensor cameras. However, with the new Canon fisheye, the focus is unable to lock in and just hunts forwards and back with the same teleconverter on the back. Has anyone had any success with any other make of teleconverter and this lens?
  10. Thanks to all the repliers, this is great advice
  11. I need to go to New Zealand on business and would like advice on where I might dive while I'm there, and when the best time for that might be. Any advice please?
  12. I believe I have been over-greasing the o-ring because it was so stiff to screw on. Stiff is better than bulge (said the actress to the bishop) Sorry.
  13. Be careful with the charger - mine died on my first day in the Philippines, probably because of power cuts & etc, despite being plugged into a surge protected board. Luckily Light & Motion UK were very cool and FedEx'd a new pair (redundancy!!) out to me immediately. I now unplug the charger when not in use, just in case. The red light option really works not to scare fish, it's an amazing light.
  14. Curious - I had been using the silicon grease that came with my Zen minidome, but moved to the Inon stuff soon after. My workaround is to do it carefully and slowly, constantly checking for bulging. I don't like it though, it seems insecure and prone for a mistake one day. Thanks to all repliers.
  15. I'm new to using Inon 240s. When I change the batteries and come to screw the cover back down, the o-rings always seem to want to pop out a bit in a curl. I've already changed 2 in 3 weeks for fear they are getting stretched... does this happen with yours? Any hints?
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