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  1. Does anyone have experience with the Aquatica HD Wave housing and Sony HDR-CX550 camcorder? I am considering buying one but can not find much user experiences with this setup. One thing I like is that you can use the excellent LCD screen on the CX550 when diving. I am also considering Amphibico Dive Buddy and L&M Stingray Plus. Any hint and tips will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have some used Ikelite equipment for sale: Ikelite N80 housing (for Nikon F80 film camera) USD 100 Ikelite #5503.50 6" dome port for zoom lens less than 4,0" USD 100 Ikelite #5503.81 6" dome port for Nikkor 28-105mm 1:3.5-4.5D Macro USD 100 Thanks
  3. Hi Is it a monitor on the housing and how old is the system? Thanks
  4. Will the Stingray Plus housing also support the new CX-550?
  5. Thanks for your good advices and recommendations. I have more or less decided to go for the L&M Stingray Plus housing, Sunray 600 LED lights and a Sony XR-520 camcorder. This set should be easy to travel with and give some great results.
  6. Maybe this is suitable for me as a beginner? I don’t know how easy it will be to sell this again after a year or two if I want to change to a HD system? 1. Do you want your system and your investment to last you a while? It should last for at least 4-5 year before any upgrading. 2. What are you doing with your video and how will you be displaying it? This is just a hobby, but I will burn it to DVD an show it on flat screen HDTV. 3. What kind of diving do you do? 40-50 dives a year is a good amount so your system and investment will get good use out of it. Most of my diving are done in Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillippines.
  7. Hi The plan is to do some editing, so I will bring it into the computer. I am looking at this system on eBay, and it looks like a great deal to me. But then I will end up with the old technology. Thanks
  8. I am willing to spend around USD 4000 for a setup.
  9. I am considering buying my first video setup and needing some advices. This is just a hobby and I am doing 40-50 dives year. I have found some good deals for SD cameras like the Sony VX-2100 and L&M housing and equivalent, but will it be “crazy” to buy this type of setup in these HD days? Thanks
  10. I found this description on their web site for the USB control: USB FotoControl consists of 1 USB board able to operate up to 2 push-button panels. It is installed into housings. Every electronic USB FotoControl has 6 magnetic buttons so that it can select up to 12 controls. A standard push-button panel includes: 1 USB board and 1 FotoControl push-button panel to select the following controls: time + / - , diaphragm + / -, preliminary shutter release, shutter release, Iso + / -, mode switch, exposure meter. The additional push-button panel can be installed at a later stage. Its controls can be programmed on demand to meet customers' needs. Furthermore the push-button panel can be reprogrammed. For this reason it can be adjusted to new equipment.
  11. Does anyone have experience with Easydive housings? The model Leo will fit both Nikon D300 and D700 which is a great advantage compared to their competitors. They also use the USB port on the camera to control it. I am planning to buy an S&S housing for my D300 but the Easydive housing looks very interesting. http://www.easydive.eu/eng/leo.html Gunnar
  12. Ikelite dome ports and housing in good conditions for sale. 6" dome port 5503.50 without neoprene cover $90 6" dome port 5503.81 without neoprene cover $90 Housing for Nikon F-80 (N-80) open for bid
  13. I just switched from film to digital and am a “rookie” to this topic when it comes to interface between housing and strobes. I have kept some Ike strobes in spare. Can I use these strobes with a digital SLR (Nikon D300 in S&S MDX housing) when shooting with them in manual mode? The strobes are SS-50, SS-100 and DS125 w/slave sensor.
  14. My S&S shutter activated focus light doesn’t work properly when I have two Ikelite 50 strobes connected to the S&S NX-100 housing using separate cables. The light turns on after the strobes are fired. When I use my Ikelite 100 and DS-125 with slave sensor everything is normal. Anyone who has experienced the same problem or have any solution? Gunnar
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