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  1. I am selling my Sea & Sea DX1G Camera System, including two YS110 strobes. I took some amazing photos with this system and found it very lightweight and easy to use. Almost as good as a DSLR at a fraction of the cost and weight. The system is in excellent condition (no floods, well protected) and includes the following components: Sea & Sea DX1G digitical compact camera which shoots in RAW and jpeg; 10 megapixel; integrated flash Underwater housing; never flooded and never dropped Two Sea & Sea YS110 strobes (also available separately) Insulated hard carrying case which fits in overhead compartment Wide angle lens; mounts externally for greater flexibility while shooting underwater Lots of arms and connectors (I bought a few separate pieces) Various cables, o-rings, maintenance equipment Extra battery charger All user manuals I paid $3,500 for the complete system. Selling for $800 Will sell each strobe separately for $200 I'm attaching a sample of macro and wide angle shots so you can see how great this system really is. Contact me at sarahwuellner@gmail.com. Cash or paypal only Buyer pays shipping
  2. I am selling my Sea & Sea DX-1G Camera System, including the camera, housing, several arms and connectors, pelican-style carrying case, wide angle lens (wet), two batteries and charger, extra sync cords and o-rings. The camera has all the benefits of a compact digital system (light weight, ability to shoot wide angle and macro on same dive) with many of the features of a DSLR (shoot in RAW, minimal shutter lag, manual settings). The system is in excellent condition. I am also selling two YS-110 strobes (see separate listing). I am happy to send you photos of the camera and components as well as shots I took with the camera. It's a fantastic system. Here is a link to Sea & Sea's website. They're still selling the system so it's easy to learn more about it. http://www.seaandsea.co.kr/press06.html I paid over $1,500 for the system (excluding the strobes) and I'm listing it for $750. You can contact me at sarahwuellner@gmail.com Note: I'm missing the plastic lens cap for the wide angle lens. The connector arms show some signs of wear. Everything else in in excellent condition.
  3. I am selling a pair of YS-110 strobes. Will sell individually or together. They are in excellent condition. No service issues, never been flooded. Original cost $1,050 each. Will sell for $500 each, or both for $900. Please contact me at sarahwuellner@gmail.com.
  4. I have used the DX-1G and YS110 together extensively on a 10-day trip to Hawaii and a 42-day trip to Thailand and Indonesia. While the camera and strobe have DS-TTL capability, I never found that it worked very well, so I switched to manual. Manual works much better, but I find that it takes me several attempts to fine tune the strobe settings, especially for macro shots. I also have a problem that both strobes fire intermittently, which is a widespread problem with the YS110 strobe when used on the DX-1G. I've heard it starts out great and gets worse over time. What an expensive disappointment.
  5. We're having the same problem. We already booked our accommodations and dive packages at KBR and Wakatobi and now I can't find anyone to help with flights. Did you find an agent yet to help with your flights? Hope you have a great trip!
  6. Is your YS-110 strobe still available? What are the particulars? (new/used? warranty? arms? how much?) Sarah
  7. Hi Joe It's me again. I was playing around with my DX-1G tonight (above sea level) just for fun and discovered something that might explain my dissatisfaction with my last group of photos. I have been using the target light on the YS-110 strobe to help me get the hang of strobe positioning. The target light automatically shuts off when the strobe fires. The problem is that the TTL reads the image as brighter than it really is once the target light is turned off. My strobe was insufficient to properly light the area when I used the target light. With the target light off, the TTL settings were appropriate. Do you use the target light? Does this make any sense to you? Thanks again for the pointers! Sarah Wow! Is this with the DX-1G? Where were the shots taken? Curious why you use manual strobe settings if you have TTL capability?
  8. Hi Scuba Mom I also have the new D-1G with a YS-110 strobe. I do not have a consistency problem with identical settings. I do have a problem, however, that the target light seems to interfere with my TTL settings. When the target light is set to ON, it will turn itself off automoatically when the strobe fires and my shots are underexposed. When I fire the exact same shot with no target light, my shots are properly exposed because the TTL meter knows exactly how much light the strobe needs to fire. Do you have this problem too? I'm too inexperienced to pass judgment on the system, so I have to imagine that some of my problems are due to "operator error". Any tips from someone with more experience in this area would be much appreciated.
  9. Joe - I think your pictures are great! I recognize some of the dive sites from my trip. I wish I understood how you were able to get so much color in your shots. Are you using one strobe or two? I have the YS110 that came with the package. Any idea on why my pictures are so dull? I set the EV to -0.67, white balance is set to cloudy, Aperature control or automatic. 100 ISO. Here's my version of some of your photos (same dive site perhaps!). Thanks so much!
  10. Hi Joe small world - I was diving in Kona in late November and early December with my new DX-1G too. I'm wondering what you thought of the camera and any tricks that you picked up for higher quality images? I have used an UW P&S in the past, but this was the first time with a strobe. It was very difficult for me to get the strobe where it needed to be, partly because of heavy surge (and therefore a moving target). This was obviously my problem, not a fault with the camera. My macro shots were the best. The strobe didn't cast enough light on anything beyond 3 feet. I couldn't tell any difference in using the SS mode. What mode do you shoot in? I adjusted the EV to -0.67 at the advice of a pro. Here are two of my best shots (eel and dolphin) and two "typical" shots (moorish idol and puffer). I found the LCD to be dim, but not impossible, and the RAW mode took way too long. I loved the small size and easy set-up. The WA lens was very easy to install and remove while on a dive. Mahalo! Sarah PS: If anyone is planning a dive trip on the Big Island, Bottom Time Hawaii was far and away the best operator on the island. We tried a few. Great new boat, new top-of-the-line equipment, small groups, personal service, etc.
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