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About me:

Since certification in the early 80s, I've been on 8 live-aboards and at least 10 resort-based dive vacations, logging well over 1000 dives.


Destinations include Palau (three times, 12 days each time, my favorite and gold standard),

twice to both Fiji and Outer Great Barrier Reef Australia.

I've also visited and dove the Solomons, Ponape, Northern Marianas, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives

and have traveled extensively throughout Asia.


Here on Oahu, I average more than 25 dives per year, every year since certification.

I've been on numerous trips to Kona, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai and Niihau.


Photography-wise, from the mid-80s until the mid-90s I shot with a housed manual 35mm SLR with external strobe.

Currently I use a housed compact point-and-shoot and recently purchased a Canon G10.


Other hobbies include foreign languages. I read and speak both Japanese and Thai at a conversational level and am certified in TESL.


I also love to cook - I attended a local culinary school for a few years in Honolulu and regularly take fine dining trips to the Southwest US, Pacific Northwest and California.


Professionally, I'm a retired pharmacist and currently volunteer teaching English at a local language academy in my free time.





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