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  1. Final made it down to Monterey for a great weekend of diving. the water was worm and clean. we dove Aumentos on Saturday on the Sanctuary and had two great dive there. there was a lot of krill in the water on saturday but it was still an amazing dives. Then on sunday we were on the Cypress Sea diving in carmel. hats off to both boat hilly recommend them to any one that is going down to go diving on a boat. below are some pic from the weekend hope you guys enjoy lingcod on the move olive rock fish final got a good picture of a green ling these thing sure love to tease you my buddy haming for the camera check old out the Tussie housing with the nikon 8008 you can see all the krill in the waster at Aumentos they were all over the place here is some macro shots from the second day
  2. when i was using my Oly C-8080 rig i was using an 1550 pelican case and could fit the camera and oly housing with two sea and sea ys-120s and arms it all fit in there well. this case in the largest case you can have and still use it as a carry on i traveled a lot with it and never had a problem.
  3. i use the wide angle dome shad with my 10-22 and it has fixed the problem for the most part every once and a wile i will still get a pic with a reflection in it but that is the nature of an acrylic ports.
  4. congrats on the mod that seven inch screen will be nice. you will need a shade for it though. one thing to keep in mind is that you want the inside of the shad to be a mat black so you minimize reflections. one recommendation is to use Titanium screws they will not rust and should be fine for attaching that shade.
  5. thank for the info, i don't think that i will have the same problem you have because there is a lot more room above the hot shoo in the Aquatica hosing.
  6. i was wondering how hard it was to install one of these HeinrichsWeikamp ettl converters in a aquatica housing for a canon 30D. im not so worried about installing new bulk head and so forth but about hooking up the electronic parts correctly. also has any one out there used one of these converters if so how well do they work. The other thing that i was thinking of doing was getting 6 pin bulkhead and a sea and sea converter. any thought would be helpful.
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