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  1. I've owned the 12-50 zoom with its special port, the 60mm macro and the 30mm macro. They all serve their purpose, but the 60mm macro is VERY nice! It will fit in the 12-50 port...new new port needed. It is the lens of choice for small stuff, like in Anilao and Lembeh. If the 60mm is too much power, the 30mm is very nice, and focusses really quickly, but will need a different port. For macro, I think both the dedicated macro lens are sharper than the 43mm macro setting on the 12-50 zoom, but that 43 is a very useful power.
  2. I have two arms on each side. My braided handle is attached at the middle clamp on each side so when the camera is lifted/carried the arms closest to the camera are holding the camera. I've also rigged mine with the braided handle clipped to the tops of the tray sides, but with the braided piece also clipped to the mid-point of the arms, as in the attached picture. This keeps the arms from swinging around while the camera is carried. I like this method, and am going to stick with it, I think. it is easy to unclip the arms from the braid after I'm in the water, or to clip it back before I exit.
  3. Is this advice in metric? What is the source of this advice; I've never heard it before, and it contradicts some other guidelines like PADI, which says (for a 7mm wetsuit in salt water) 10% of body weight PLUS 1.5-3kg. Conversion to fresh water (the OP's "lakes and reservoirs") then means subtracting about 3.5% of the body weight. So the PADI guideline for a 7mm in fresh water would be 6.5% of body weight, PLUS 1.5-3kg. Example: 80kg person would need 5.2kg plus 1.5-3kg, so 6.7 to 8.2kg. The OP's in-water test with 6 lbs was way too little; 15-18 lbs would be closer to the guideline. I'd run the test again, varying the weight a lot. Interestingly, your "weight divided by 10, minus 1" gives the same answer for someone who weighs about 92kg.... The point is, the buoyancy of the 7mm wetsuit is what is important, but the actual weight needed depends on the volume of neoprene in it, which is correlated with body weight, and depends on salt or fresh water. I agree completely that all these calculations are only guidelines, and in-water tests are the only number to believe.
  4. I get close with the S-AF on a thumb button, then fine-tune wuth the wheel. I was confused. My 30mm zoom gear is Nauticam and of course works fine. The 60mm gear is 3D printed but not by Deepshots; it slips fore-and-aft, and has no set screws.
  5. Well, yes, but they are not as nice to use as the offical Nauticam gears. I have two Deepshots for my two macro lens (30 and 60) and, yes, they do work, but they are much more finicky to use because they slide around on the lens and it is too easy to get them in a position where the small wheel to focus with binds. And I focus a lot in macro. But, they are much cheaper.
  6. I use this with the 29mm port for my 14-42mm EZ lens to give me a 46mm port to use with my 30mm macro lens.
  7. And this is another reason the vacuum systems are nice....they preload those o-rings a bit.
  8. You need to go slow and look at the likely habitats.....which means going on guided boat dives is NOT what you want. Rubble, algae, sea grass....and they will me small, much smaller than the Pacific nudis. Last week at Blue Heron Bridge we dived 10 hours over 5 days, looking hard, and found maybe 8, none bigger than a 10-12mm.
  9. I've looked at customs fees and shipping. How about you send me 130 Euros to cover the Flip and shipping. That should leave you enough to cover customs, if I've done my research correctly, and if you luck out on no/small fees, you win.
  10. Two things: what price would you be willing to pay if you get hit with customs and other fees? And, if you don't get hit with some of or all of those fees, would you be willing to send a supplemental payment? Also, I have a friend who lives in Zurich that will be visiting me in October, so he could take it home and ship from there, if you are not in a hurry.
  11. I have one for sale too, but shipped from the US. Sorry. https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/search/&q=77mm flip&updated_after=any&sortby=newest&search_and_or=or
  12. ?? I don't understand this, and I expect if I did understand it, I probably would not agree with it!
  13. Yeah, the 5510.11 is an extension used with the 5510.45 modular 8-inch dome. Not at all clear what the OP is selling, nor the price, nor his location. Port chart is at http://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-fl-system.pdf.
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