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  1. Two things: what price would you be willing to pay if you get hit with customs and other fees? And, if you don't get hit with some of or all of those fees, would you be willing to send a supplemental payment? Also, I have a friend who lives in Zurich that will be visiting me in October, so he could take it home and ship from there, if you are not in a hurry.
  2. I have one for sale too, but shipped from the US. Sorry. https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/search/&q=77mm flip&updated_after=any&sortby=newest&search_and_or=or
  3. ?? I don't understand this, and I expect if I did understand it, I probably would not agree with it!
  4. Yeah, the 5510.11 is an extension used with the 5510.45 modular 8-inch dome. Not at all clear what the OP is selling, nor the price, nor his location. Port chart is at http://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-fl-system.pdf.
  5. I use S-AF too, but then peak it manually. The AF never seems to settle on quite the part of the nudi (or whatever) that I want sharp. I'm always afraid to use C-AF because I'm leery of running down my battery before its second dive.
  6. You can shoot larger critters with the 60mm, you just have to get farther away...which can introduce water-quality and strobe-power problems, but it's worth it. The 60mm is a terrific lens and easy to use (exceeded I think only by the ease of the 30mm). And it is a LOT cheaper (even with port and gear) than the 12-40. The 12-40 is a very good lens, but for macro I prefer the fixed focal length because I really like the manual focus gear (with peaking turned on). I do not think I get enough light from a video light, plus for macro it can almost fry your little subjects. The reason you see so many eyeballs with the 60mm is because it is possible. I've git a lot of frogfish pix with my 60mm.
  7. I was hoping to get a response from the OP about what went wrong......only knowing that five minutes out of 4h was good doesn't help me suggest a better camera for him, nor even to support his assumption that the problem was the camera. Could have been camera shake, lack of sufficient light, composition, etc, many things that won't change with a different camera. Getting a new stove doesn't make you a better cook, unless the problem was the stove.
  8. What did you not like about the other 3h55m?
  9. To be pedantic, the flag you dislike is a US flag, not a USN flag. And the one you like is an Alpha flag, not an Alfa flag.
  10. You might want to do a little research on the "USN" flag, by which I assume you mean the red flag with the diagonal white stripe. It is not a Navy flag, and it IS legally recognized (and required) in many locations. You are correct in that your hatred is irrational.
  11. Yes, these are the good ones, because they have rounded corners so don't tend to peel off inadvertently. Others on eBay or Amazon may be printed on the same 3M material, and may be cheaper, but look out for square corners.
  12. The REEF Photo and Video workshops in West Palm Beach and Anilao are good. In-water instruction as requested, or they will leave you alone. Viewing photos and getting feedback is good. Some basic lectures on lighting, composition, etc.
  13. Isn't the SPORT mode specifically designed for high shutter speeds and no flash?
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