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  1. It is too late to enter, but you can vote on your favorites! Go to https://www.reef.org/2020-underwater-photography-contest-voting and vote for your favorites in each of five categories.
  2. "36135 (macro port 45) + 36620 (mini extension ring 20) - Used for Oly 60mm macro." This combo is a little long....65mm total, and you only need 56. You could help yourself by using the 17mm extension ring 36617 rather than the 20mm, but that still only gets you down to 62mm. What you'd lose would be your 14mm wideangle end; the 42mm telephoto end is still fine. Why do you have a 36135 port? I thought that only fit the 30mm macro lens? Do you want more telephoto than 30mm but less than 60?
  3. I haven't got enough hands to manipulate a triple clamp underwater....much less three of them!
  4. How do you know he is feeding on krill? Aren't krill midwater and the melibes are bottom scrapers?
  5. Two things: 1 - I use float arms for the bulk of the additional buoyancy needed, because (a) they dry MUCH faster for traveling home, and (b) they are more convenient than Stix floats for using. 2 - I tune up the needed buoyancy with a couple of Stix floats on the outer arms. Easy to add-on and remove just a couple. This also allows some adjustment for salt/fresh, which is only 3%, hardly enough to worry about so long as you are ballasted slightly negative for salt.
  6. It amazes me, however, that when the media directly quote or link to the primary sources, like CDC or WHO, that the information is suddenly deemed false.
  7. Pure BS, unless you mean it is being ignored and downplayed for political service.
  8. For non-cold water I don't wear mine over my wetsuit, but rather on my arm, and just fold back the wetsuit sleeve so I can see it. I can put the wetsuit on or off without removing the computer; mine is not a D5, but is the same size. I tried the computer on my rig, but was never able to see it as well as on my wrist. And I don't always have the camera...a lot, but not always. I prefer the consistency of always having the computer in the same place.
  9. What's wrong with putting it on your wrist?
  10. Yes, been using the blacks in my two YS-D1s for several years. Have 16, use 2x4 at a time while the others are charging. Can get a day of use of of one set befor changing them, but typially change them when I change the camera battery after two dives.
  11. Contact Force-E or Pura Vida and tell them you want to hire a private photo guide.
  12. On a photography forum it is suprising you don't know how to resize a photo!
  13. They are only $630 new, shipped, and no complaint about PayPal fees. Maybe you need to lower your price if you really need to sell it.
  14. The technique is a "forward" calculation that tries to use the inherent optical properties of the water to calculate what the water does to the light passing through it. It tries to estimate those optical properties by using pictures at various distances so as to "calibrate" the estimates. Conversely, when we photographers "white balance" something, we do the "inverse" problem, not the "forward" problem. We pick something in our single image that we know to be "white" or "neutral gray" and force it to be white or gray in our image; so we are not calculating what the water does to our image, we are forcing the final result to be "correct." In principle, if everything in our image were the same distance from the camera, we should get the same result as a correctly-done forward calculation. But our image has things at various distances from the camera, so we ought to have a white-balance methodology that is different for each part of the image...each pixel, in fact. then we would converge to the fancy forward solution, except probably better, because the inherent optical properties are not all know, they change with time and depth, and the calculations are difficult.
  15. I too bought a non-Nauticam tray and handles after my Flexitray broke.
  16. It appears to be more like the WWL-1 than like "most of the other wide angle lenses." And the WWL-1 is unique among wet lenses in NOT having the corner softness problem.
  17. Now THIS is interesting! https://reefphoto.com/products/wet-wide-lens-for-compact-cameras-wwl-c-130-deg-fov-with-compatible-24mm-lenses
  18. Definitely not coral. Almost certainly a hydroid. Size? Did you touch it, did it sting?
  19. I missed that post. Link, or post again. I still am unable to navigate this new version of Wetpixel.
  20. My wife is a fish geek.....she also thinks it is a juv graysby. See this for example: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/graysby-royalty-free-image/832513138
  21. #3 looks like a piece of broken off red sponge.
  22. I'm on travel with my OM10 and two lens. The 14-42mm just failed. I'm not keen on spending 2 weeks in Bonaire shooting only macro with my 30mm. What happens if I use the 30mm with my WWL-1?
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