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  1. You'll do fine with that strobe for macro, but it is not really enough light for wide-angle. Youll want at least two strobes for WA, and likely bigger/stronger. Not sure which S&S you are thinking of for $400....used, YS-D1 maybe? Two of those is probably your entry requirement for WA. The $200 for the S2000 is good deal, and will certainly be easy and fun to use for macro.
  2. Probably not. A flash doesn't reach out very far with its light, and it is hard for a snorkeler to get very close to anything.
  3. This is exactly what I use. They work perfectly, but be sure to really tighten (or "mouse") the pins in the shackles. The price is terrific.
  4. "Also not a van of paracord underwater, deteriorates too quickly. Braided nylon will unravel as it softens up. Use non-braided line instead." Cave divers disagree. No problem with braided line, just be sure and burn the ends to prevent unraveling. Lasts a LONG time.
  5. Here is the braided handle. The S-biner is on the strap. The clamps have a built-in shackle point.; they go between the balls on the arms and the first arm segment. The handle is about 14 inches (35 cm) long. The black on the braid is shrink wrap.
  6. I too braided some bright orange paracord for a carry handle; a small stainless shackle at each end connects it to a fitting that is part of the ball at the top of each handle. I put a piece of clear hose over it to make it more comfortable to carry the rig. Boat crew always reach for the bright orange handle and not one of the arms. Nice. To carry the rig in or out of the water I have a Niteize S-biner on a shoulder D-ring, and clip the bright orange handle into it. I use a separate coiled Cetacea tether from the tray to my BCD while diving.
  7. Something similar but with a printed base instead of an aluminum base is available from http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Underwater-Snoot-kit-with-Optical-fiber-tube-for-INON-Z-240-INON-Z-240-Sea-Sea/135872_32306506957.html;just tell them what strobe it is for and they print it to order.I just got one in the mail today. Looks pretty good. Will try it soon.
  8. The only thing that really matters is that the balls are the same diameter, typically 1 inch, so the clamps will fit. Lots of mfgs make arms and clamps. Some have little o-rings on the balls to give them more friction. Some attachments (like wet-lens holders or side-mount balls to place mid-length on an arm) will only fit that manufacturer's arms. Some clamps are longer or shorter, or a little easier to operate, especially with gloves on. Mostly, though, your big decision is just arm length....probably in the 6-12 inch range. The longer ones are nice for wide-angle, the shorter ones for macro. I have 4x8 inch arms. I might get 2 more that are 10 inch and replace my two outer arms.
  9. I assume you mean compatible (for TTL?) and not comparable?
  10. I had a leaky set of the fat Nauticam carbon fibers. Reef Photo replaced them without a question; the new ones are fine. I use two fat ones (8"x3.5") to balance out my NA-EM10, macro port and lens, SMC, double handle, two strobes, two video/focus lights. Nearly perfect...a few ounces negative. The fat arm against a thin arm was not so good. I switched to a long clamp between them; all is good.
  11. I also have two of these for sale, but without the fiber-o[ptic cables. Just the 4401 and end cap. Also new, never used. Price $50 each plus shipping. And I have one 4403, no cable; this is the slave model, but can also be used with a cable. Used, $50 plus shippiong.
  12. I think you mean 1.4m with the Nova. 2m would be a factor of 4, or two f-stops.
  13. Sorry, I can't check the details right now, but I mapped the F1 button as suggested by (I think) the Wetpixel article to allow me to change between viewfinder and LCD.
  14. I think you are not taking into account the very large number of S&Ss sold, vs a rather small number of complaints. Remember that people without problems don't come on forums like this and say everything is working fine.
  15. My catalog and images are on a portable hard drive, which I carry with me and use when on travel and plug in while at home. The catalog and images are simply backed up on the desktop, which in turn is backed up elsewhere.
  16. Update: My housing is too old to allow the right-handle bracket to be fitted, to which the trigger release is attached. So I cannot use the bracket or therefore the trigger. Reef has updated their website with the following information: "Only compatible with housings starting with a serial number of A080640 and after." I'll be returning the trigger and bracket. Dang.
  17. The right handle bracket I ordered, which has EM10 laser-cut into it, does not fit my NA-EM10 housing. In correspondence with Reef Photo about this, should know more tomorrow.
  18. I got an extra EM10 body some months ago as a spare if I had a flood. It is now my go-to land camera. Darn. I guess I need another one....
  19. I've ordered one for my NA-EM10, should be delivered today. I'll fit it and report on it. Won't get a chance to try it underwater until Feb.
  20. Many have tried. Most have failed. You get a lot more light from the strobes (think low ISO and small aperture) and it doesn't last long (think very high effective shutter speed). Non-moving nudibranchs maybe, moving critters and wide-angle not so much.
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