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  1. Will consider any Best Offer on the above items. Thanks. Bob
  2. For Sale - Olympus M.14-42MM F3.5-5.6 2R Zuiko Camera Zoom Lens with UV filter, front & rear lens caps, excellent condition $150.00 Bob
  3. I am changing my underwater photo equipment so I have the following for sale. All have been well maintained and never flooded. Olympus PT-E03 housing - excellent condition $300.00 Olympus PPO-E05 lens port with zoom ring & shade ring - excellent condition, $200.00 Olympus PPO-E04 dome lens port, small scratch on the glass dome which had no effect on my photos, $500.00 Olympus PER-E02 extension ring, excellent condition, $125.00 Athena TTL dual synchro converter, excellent condition, $250.00 5 Pin Nikonos Style TTL Synch Cords, excellent condition, two of them, $65.00 each Bob
  4. I've been looking at this camera for a possible purchase for U/W photography (definitely amateur stuff at my level). Would like to hear from some of the Oly XZ-1 folks what they like/dislike about this particular camera. Thanks. Bob
  5. I also strongly recommend Dive Adventuras. I was there two years ago and had a great time. Open water as well as Cenote diving. Great service and great people. Bob
  6. What....no one got a really disgusting tie? Or is that just me.....Happy New Years folks, keep it safe and sober. Bob
  7. My wife & I are heading to Naples, Florida next March for a week with her brother & sister-in-law. I am planning on getting some scuba diving in rather than sitting around drinking beer and playing boce. Looking for some recommendations on dive shops/charters and dive sites. Thanks. Bob
  8. I think the photo of the Lion Fish would look a lot better with a spear going through it! Bob
  9. OK, I understand. Where are you diving in the Atlantic, just out of curiosity. I dive off the North Carolina coast and the viz is not as good as yours in the photos. Bob
  10. Contact Reef Photo or Ocean Optical Sales. What you are looking for is a product called "Magic Filter". Do a search on this forum, tons of info on this product. Bob Topics merged: Admin.
  11. Dennis, PM sent to you. Bob
  12. Dennis, Is the Oly 50mm a 2.8f macro, as indicated, or is it possible that it is a 2.0f macro? Thanks. Bob
  13. Dave, I was in St Croix this past March and made two dive with Cane Bay Scuba. Incredible viz and a really superb dive operation. Check out their website http://www.canebayscuba.com. They have some beach front cottages and some pretty good package deals. St. Croix is not that big of an island, so, if you rent a vehicle getting around the island won't be that bad. One other good thing about St. Croix is there is only room enough for two cruise ships at the port. St. Thomas can handle up to six. I'm looking forward to going back next March. Good luck! Bob
  14. I have two Canon A-1 bodies in very good condition with an assortment of Canon lenses, a Canon power winder, two non Canon flash units and an assortment of filters. I haven't used any of these items in quite sometime and I don't plan to in the foreseeable future. Any recommendations on how I can sell/dispose of these items? E-mail me if you would like a list of what I have. Thanks! Bob
  15. Andrew, I sent an email to your email address, check your in box and let me know what you think. Thanks. Bob
  16. Seth, You might try getting hold of Ryan at Reef Camera & Video, just do a google. They are in Florida and have just about whatever you need based on your budget, both new and used equipment. Good hunting! Bob
  17. I just got back a few weeks ago from a cruise. St. Maartens was one of my dive sites. Fair at best. Good viz, but nothing really exciting to see. Focker is right on with his recommendations. As far as Grenada goes, I haven't dove there yet, but I have been to the island twice. I strongly recommend you grab a taxi when you get off the ship and go to the Aquarium Restaurant. There were six of us and the driver came back and picked us up at 3:00 p.m. We would have stayed longer but the ship was leaving port at 5:00 p.m. Round trip taxi fare was $60.00 for all of us. And yes, the van was air conditioned. It's about a 20 minute drive. It opens at 10:00 a.m. and you can rent a lounge chair for $6.00 for all day. Great little beach with plenty of natural shade and crystal clear water. Kind of a private, out of the way spot. Very few tourists! The restaurant has a nice bar ($3.00 for local beer) and a really nice menu for lunch. When you get there, just walk down the driveway, through the dining area and enjoy! Here's their link: http://www.aquarium-grenada.com/ Bob
  18. If you're happy with the mask you have now, call them and ask if they can add the "reader" lens to your mask. That's what I did and they said "no problem". Bob
  19. Just sent my Hollis M-1 to these folks this week. Have tried the diveoptix inserts with unsat success. Left lens kept coming loose even after repeated cleanings and installations. Talked to the folks at prescription dive masks and was sold. Very positive and informative. Great web site also. Be sure to check out their "how to dot your pupil" and "how to draw your bifocal line" on their website. My wife got a little carried away with the sharpie and felt it necessary to include my eye brows as well! Bob
  20. Homo sapiens eat lionfish here in North Carolina......after we spear them and grill them up . Tasty little critters. But, I have not seen any other fish predating on them. Bob
  21. At the top of the page, click on "RESOURCES" and then the "MEMBERS MAP". You can zoom into the Grand Cayman Island and click on the only people figure that's there. The name is "Giles". You can then send her him a message and probably get real time info on the conditions of the islands and diving. Good luck and hope you have a good trip. Bob33 Edit To Add Strikethrough by TheRealDrew
  22. Hello Cody, I, too, strongly recommend Martin Edge's 4th Edition of "The Underwater Photographer". You can order it on Amazon.Com. As far as a camera spend some time researching here on this forum and check out what is available at your base exchange. You'll save some money that can be spent on other items of underwater photography. You will definitely want a camera that will allow you to use an external flash/strobe unit. Using the flash unit that is on a camera will light up all the small particles (called backscatter) between the lens and whatever you are photographing. Makes for a very frustrating and messy photograph. By the way, how much longer will you be in Japan and is the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in your future? Good luck and welcome to Wetpixel! Bob
  23. Andy, I just ordered an HP with an Intel Core i7 processor and a few other bells and whistles. Do a Yahoo search of "dv7-4070us" and use the LogicBUY.com/hp-dv7-select-deal link. You can save up to $370.00 on an i7 and configure the laptop how you want it. Just make sure you configure it so it will qualify for the discount coupons offered. The Intel website indicates that an i7 processor is best suited for photo editing. This offer expires 9/13/2010, but they keep extending it. Check it out and good luck. Shipping is free also. Bob
  24. Hey Eric, I was there this past April. The guides forgot to tell us about the helocline. As I approached it, I thought my masked had fogged up. Took my mask off to clear it the "fog" and by the time I got my mask back on and cleared I was in the helocline and everything was a total blurr. I though to myself, "what the hell did I do to my mask?", and then realized what it was that I was in. Had a few words with the guides when we surfaced, everyone got a chuckle out of it and I still smile when I tell that story. Bob
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