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  1. Hey guys

    Planning a Cozumel trip from the Hotel Cozumel. Any advice?

    Is diving in Cozumel difficult?

    I may have to go solo. Would be safe? Must I take a buddy?

    Would be easy to buddy up with someone?

    Yes I know I am a Florida Key diver. That is my comfort zone! Well I speak Spanish well also long experience on Mexico during my Ph.D work.

    Any advice is welcome

    Thanks a lot

    I was in Mexico the first week of this past April. A place called Puerto Aventuras just over an hour south of Cancun. Stayed at the Hotel Catalonia, which is an all inclusive. And that included all you could eat/dink/consume. Dove with Dive Aventuras and they are located about 5 minutes from the hotel. In fact, they set the whole trip up, less airfair for our group (6 of us). The package included transportation to and from the airport to the hotel, 6 dives, 2 of which were Cenote dives and the hotel. Sight seeing (Mayan ruins) can be arranged through the hotel on Friday. I choose to dive, I can see the ruins on the discovery channel. The dive shop will spoil you rotten. Drop your gear off the first day and they secure it for you. Show up the next morning, put on your wetsuit and they carry your gear to the boat, set up your tank with bc and regulator and break it down after you dive, carry it back to the dive shop, rinse/clean it and store it overnight. If you don't bring your own gear, you can rent it from them. The dive boats can handle twelve divers and it takes less than ten minutes to get to the dive sites. Very easy currents, incredible viz and well trained divemasters. No need to worry about a buddy, it's pretty much a group drift dive.


    Here's their website: www.diveaventuras.com. It was a great dive trip, I highly recommend them.



  2. Over the past couple of years, there's been increasing coverage in various dive and nature magazines of lionfish invading the Caribbean waters (introduced by man). They are not a naturally occurring species in these waters and, depending on which point of view you subscribe to, are threating the local species due the their predatory nature.


    Should they be actively culled? Why?


    Absolutely they hould be WIPED OUT, not just culled. I used to do a lot of off shore fishing for snapper, black sea bass, grouper, etc. Over the past 15 years, I have noticed a drastic reduction in what I were catching. Now, if I want fresh fish for dinner, I go to a local fish market and hope for the best. The causes for this reduction are the Lionfish and fisherman not obeying size and number limits on what they caught. Their thinking is, "if I'm paying to go out on a boat, I'm going to keep everything I catch".


    The Lionfish have voracious appetites and eat small game fish. Hence a reduction in the game fish population. The female Lionfish is capable of releasing an egg mass of 30,000 eggs every 30-40 days. This egg mass floats along in the Gulf Stream and the the hatchlings will congregate on underwater structure where they grow and eat everything they can. As they are very slow swimmers, due to their dorsal and pectoral spines, they do not move from one structure to another unless it is close in proximity. And by the way, there is no known predator for these nasty fellows. As a result, the Lionfish have populated the North American eastern sea coast as far up as New Jersey. There are now spotted reports of them showing up in the Bahamas as well as some of the Caribbean Islands. On a recent dive trip to Mexico, we saw a few juvenlies, which I dive guide captured.


    I have made a number of dives since last year off the North Carolina coast outside of Beaufort. We have collected, live and speared, a couple of hundred Lionfish for NOAA research on wrecks & structure in the 80' to 100' depth. What is most disturbing is that the large mature Lionfish have infested our wrecks and structure in water deeper than 120', as reported by qualified divers at those depths.


    So, like I said, they should be wiped out. And by the way, they are a pretty tasty fish also. Just beware of their spines. Feels like a really bad bee sting if you get stung. Hot water, as hot as you can stand, will disipitate the toxin and pain.



  3. I'm looking for an Olympus PT-030 Housing for my SP350, and a wide angle lens for the same housing. You can reach me through this posting or at dennis1021@yahoo.com.



    There's one up for auction on Ebay. Current bid is $61.00 and there are 2 days left. This auction also includes an Oly 350 camera. Hope this helps you.



  4. I agree with Ram, take the 5mm. If you take the 3mm and start getting cold you won't enjoy the dive very much. And, you may have to cut the dive short. Better to be a little warm than cold. I don't think the water temp in March will be a problem with the 5mm. Have a good trip!



  5. I'm very shortly going on a trip to Caribien with Royal Caribien Cruise Line, we have the following port of calls:

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

    St. Croix U.S.V.I

    Basseterre, St. Kitts

    Roseau, Dominica

    Bridgetown, Barbados


    Does anyone have experience with diving resorts in any of these places? I'm looking for a place where I can come early in the morning and hire scuba gear and get a couple of dive and return to join up with the family approximately 4 hours later. Need a place where I can either make arrangement by phone or internett or just drop inn, as we are only staying in each location for 12h.

    I've been on a couple of cruises with RCCL and I've booked diving excursions through them. Takes a lot of the guess work out of the trip. The dive operator picks you up and brings you back to the ship on time for departure. I am somewhat sketical of venturing off on my own on a cruise. You miss the ship when it departs and it's up to you to catch up with the ship...and that's going to be expensive. Bring your own gear, less weights of course, and the cost is less. Great diving in Dominica! Walls (Witches point) that go from 20' down a coulpe of hundred feet and "Champage" is pretty neat. Snorkeling in St. Kitts is excellent also. Haven't been back to scube dive there yet. West End Dive Center in Barbados is good also. However, u/w features we dove on were in less than 80' of water with so-so visibilty. We weren't very far off shore and the current had churned up a lot of debris. The dive center does not have a bathroom so you have to use the one in the bar next door and the owner does not like folks in wet bathing suits coming in...even if you buy a beer! Needless to say, he didn't get my business.

    Have a good cruise!


  6. Sorry this took so long to answer. Normal dive to about 30m. I noticed that other strobe´s focusing light was on all the time and was not able to turn it of. Same time only other strobe worked (that I noticed on surface when I looked the pictures) when did wide-angle photos. On safetystop I noticed bubbles coming from the strobe, on the battery box but other side of o-rings. On surface noticed that the strobe was flooded big time and it was useless. There was nothing wrong with the o-rings and the cap was screwed tightly. So the reason for floating remained as mystery. Perhaps something broke up inside. After that I also remembered that one dive before there was moist inside the battery box, but found nothing special that time.

    Anyone knows a shop where you can buy Inon z240 from Hong Kong, while my friend is there at the moment?



    Hi Aki,


    Do a search on Ebay. There is a seller in Hong Kong (Nyxell) who has an Inon Z240 type 4 listed. In fact, he has ten of them for sale. Hope this helps.



  7. My wife and I will be on a cruise in the Caribbean next month. Our first stop is Aruba. We have been there before made a couple of dives and snorkled. This trip we just want to hang out on a nice beach that isn't overly crowded with minimal "sales people", you know, the locals who stand in the sun and try to sell you everything from hair extensions to cd's. We will want to get there and back to the ship by taxi. The cruise line does offer a couple of beach excursions, but they are expensive and only last a couple of hours.


    Thanks, any and all recommendations will be appreciated.



  8. To replace them, go to any plumbing shop and purchase "BUNA O-Ring, Size 2-209." If you can not locate o-rings at a plumbing store then your local hardware store, Lowes, Home Depot, ACE, OSH sell them in one-packs from Danco # 95. (The size is 15/16 X 11/16 x 1/8).


    This from the ULCS website. McMaster has them $7.60 for a pack of 50. (I think that Shore 65 are the right ones, SHore 70 ones, a bit harder are $4 something for 100).




    Now, that's a great recommendation and probably a money saver to boot.



  9. Hello, everyone. Thank you for you patience regarding t-shirt deliveries! We've been overwhelmed by orders (only have one part time shipping person) and have been trying hard to get them shipped quickly.


    Some international orders get delayed because our credit card system flags international credit cards for address mismatches. We only approve those orders once or twice a week, so some orders can take a week or more to get out.


    I'm not sure why orders would get delayed for more than a week, but I'll look into it!


    I guess we should try to get more XXLs in stock asap. :D


    From png,




    Any chance of getting some more XL in stock? Thanks.



  10. *Subal C30 Housing w/ GS viewfinder

    *YS-110 Strobes (x2) with two chargers and 8 batteries

    *Nikonos sync cords (x2)

    *Subal flat port for 50 mm Sigma macro lens (or equivalent) w/ manual focus knob.

    *30D Canon body (recently cleaned/serviced by canon) includes 4GB flash card (Extreme III), charger, batteries (2x), camera strap, manual, box.

    *50 mm Sigma macro lens (1:1). This is a great lens for fish and close-up macro work

    *4x 5" arms, 2x ultralight-subal adapter, 2x ultralight-sea&sea adapter


    Everything is in very good condition.




    This is a fully complete high-end underwater system. Ready for underwater use.



    If the arms are ULCS, which they appear to be, I am interested in one set with the three clamps. I don't need the subal nor the sea&sea adapters. Let me know if you want to sell separately. Thanks.



  11. I'm headed on an expensive ($7k) trip and was highly recommended to buy travel insurance. I checked with DAN and the coverage would be approx. $500 which seems like a lot of clams to me!


    Who do use and why?





    I've used csatravelprotection.com. Very competitive rates.



  12. Hello Jack,


    I know you said that the Inon's are not available separatly, but.....if.....maybe you should change your mind, I would be interested in one of them. Which series are they..the I, II or III? Please let me know.


    By the way, the tray and handles arrive today. I can't wait to get my rig in the water. really nice design and very adaptable!


    Bob Cardini








    I have my used Fantasea FD-80 Housing system for sale for the Nikon D80. It's an acrylic case, depth-rated to 200', aluminum ports, fairly rugged. I've taken this on a couple of trips and done local diving with it, however it's in very good shape, minor wear.


    Includes the standard port (fits 18-55, 18-70, 60 macro & similar), 5" dome port (15mm Sigma FE, others), and extension ring (combine with standard port to fit 105 macro VR, with dome port for 12-24, Sigma 17-70 macro and many other combinations). Also includes LED44 focus light and mount, handles, port covers, and flexible zoom gears that fit many lenses. A small carrying bag is included as well for housing.


    There is also included an extensive collection of new spares; orings for ports and housing, controls, strobe bulkhead, etc.


    The best thing is that I'm only asking $900/OBO for this great system. I also have a used Nikon body and two Inon z240 strobes available with the housing purchase (not available separately). This is a great way to get into DSL photography.


    More information on the (now-discontinued) housing can be found here.


    Lots of photos taken with this system are on my Flickr galleries.


    Email or call 800-359-1295




  13. hello all -


    I have been experimenting with different ways of depicting juvenile lemon sharks in their mangrove habitats - mostly in Bimini, Bahamas working with the BBFS-Sharklab.

    Shot this with Canon 20D, Tokina 10-17 FE, and Canon 580EX Flash - used a slow shutter to blur out most of the shot, except where the flash filled in. I was interested in other people's opinions on whether or not they liked this shot. I may try to use this technique more extensively in the future if many people like it.






    - MDP

    Good photo! Have you thought about using a polarizing filter on a shot like this? COuld give you some really dramatic results. I love my polarizing filter for water shots with clouds in the sky. Give it try next time you're out.



  14. Olympus. If you sign up, be sure to tell Nema you want to be on the same boat as me. Keep me posted!

    Will call them tomorrow. Their website is not showing anything for "Current Availablity". Could be a website thing. I will keep you posted.



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