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  1. Friday looks good for my schedule. Who are you diving with? Bob
  2. Yes, great job Karen. Keep up the good work! The Sand Tiger Shark photos....is that the Spar wreck off of Beaufort, NC? Bob
  3. I assume you had the beers after you took the photos......they are in focus and the camera appears to be pretty stable Great photos though, thanks for sharing them with us. Bob
  4. Very nice HDR photo. Read a couple of articles that said using te HDR feature in CS3 was (a) not possible, (b)next to impossible and © buy this program to to HDR developing. Based on this photo, I am going for the CS3 option. Thanks! Bob
  5. Check out reefphoto.com.Can't go wrong there. They have a pretty extensive used and closeout section where you might find something within your budget. They are located in Florida also, I think Ft. Lauderale. Maybe you could make a day trip and find what you want. I've made many purchases from them and have been comletely satisfied with every aspect of the transactions. Good luck. Bob
  6. Eugene, My carry on bag used to be an Aqua Lung mesh bag with a zipper top and shoulder strap. I have now graduated to a Stahlsac Cayman Brac carry on with wheels. I can get the camera, housing with dome port, strobe and some soft clothing for padding into it no problem. The wheels sure beat the hell out of carrying this thing with a shoulder strap! IF you go with a hard carry on case, mak e sure the measurements don't exceed the TSA requirements, 22" length, 14" wide and 9" high. I think the weight requirement is no more than 40lbs, but I have never had ny carry on stuff checked for weight. Bob
  7. Eugene, Welcome to the Olympus family, nice photos! I have an Oly E-410 with an Oly PT-E03 U/W housing and Inon Z240 strobe that I use everytime I dive (at least once a month) or go to the swimming pool with my grandaughter. I have flown to Florida and Puerto Rico couple of times with this outfit. I put the camera, strobe and housing in my carry on bag. Everything else goes in the checked bag. I just recently upgraded to the Oly Zuiko 14-54 f/2.8 lens. A significant improvement over the 14-42 f3.5 standard lens that came with the camera. Bob
  8. You want sharks? How about a German WWII submarine as well as a ton of other wrecks.... Beaufort, North Carlina. Takes about two hours to get out to some excellent wrecks and structure that are usually well populated with sand tiger sharks and bull sharks. Best time is May through October. Anytime past October is a crap shoot with the weather (hurricanes & tropical storms). Not only is the diving great but the barbeque pork sandwiches are pretty damn good too! Bob
  9. Have you tried Adobe Lightroom? That's what I've been playing with for about a year and it does a pretty good job for "developing" RAW photos. Bob
  10. Thanks for your reply and link to your photos. They look really good. I especially like your North Carolina u/w photos with the Olympus and Discovery dive shops. I mainly dive with Discovery and have been on all the wrecks you were. In fact, had a good day out yesterday on the U-352 and the Schurz. As I haven't gotten into macro potog. yet, this lens will probably do just fine for me. If you're ever out this way in the future, let me know. Bob
  11. I am thinking about getting one of these lenses to replace the 14-42 f/3-5-5.6 lens that came with my camera (Oly E-410). I like the f2.8-3.5 on this lens as it will be a little faster than the f/3.5-5.6. Anyone here have any experience with this lens, the f2.8-3.5, and or any comments? Thanks. Bob
  12. Okuma, Great photo, love the expression on the girl's face. I am interested in your camera, settings and strobe as I have just begun a new adventure as a volunteer diver at our local aquarium. Thanks. Bob
  13. Well...have you considered moving to a warmer climate? Don't let a job or school get in the way :-) Bob
  14. Along with that one....a bear walks into a bar and says "Bartender........I would like......a..........................drink" The bartender replies, "sure but why the big pause?" Bob
  15. Where do you find the head lights on a submarine? in the head ;-) Bob
  16. Steve, I always assemble my camera & housing in an a/c environment and I pack as many silica gel dessicant bags in the housing as I can cram in there without affecting the camera operation. Haven't had any problems with fogging either. And, I DO NOT open the case until I am through diving for the day. I usaully wait until I am back on land. Best place I have found for the silica gel bags is at OpticalOceansales.com. Jack has a specail on "Drycam" right now. These things are blue and turn pink when they have absorbed any moisture in the air. Unfortunately, they can't be revived, but they are cheap enough to just toss them out if they are pink and replace with fresh blue ones. Bob
  17. I just did a Google search for the Olympus PT-041 and got over 20 pages of search results. There are plenty out there, Ebay, Amazon,etc. Check it out. Bob
  18. Have you checked out DAN (Divers Alert Network)? I have my u/w camera and accessories insured through them. Check it out here https://www.h2oinsurance.com/ or https://diveralertnetwork.com. Bob
  19. There are a currently a couple for sale on Ebay and if you do a google search you'll find a bunch for sale. Bob
  20. This one is pretty new on the market. Just wondering if anyone here has purchased one and what do they think? I have an Oly E-410 and use an Inon Z-240 strobe. Thanks. Bob
  21. Good job Eric! I knew you guys would take care of this idiot. Keep up the good work. Bob
  22. Mike, I have an Olympus E-410 with Oly E-03 U/W housing and an Inon Z-240 strobe. I pack these along with my bcd (Sherwood Avid) in an Aqua Lung mesh bag that I carry on. All this stuff weighs in at close to 35 lbs and after carrying it through the airport making connecting flights, my back and shoulder starts screaming like hell! So, my quest is for a suitable carry on bag with wheels. Will make my back/shoulder a lot happier and I won't have to listen to my wife complaining about my aches and pains. Bob
  23. I'm thinking about getting one of these for my next trips to the Caribbean. I like to carry my bcd, camera, strobe, dive computer and regulatots on board the airplane. Just wondering if anyone here has one of these carry-ons and what their experience has been. I'm also considering the Akona carry-On (AKB176 and the Pinnacle Hybrid Carry-On. Thanks. Bob
  24. Thanks for the help. Looks like the strobe and 3mm shorty will be going with me. Robert
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