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  1. Finally! I got my act together and put together a website. Take a look and tell me what you think!



    Yes, great job Karen. Keep up the good work! The Sand Tiger Shark photos....is that the Spar wreck off of Beaufort, NC?



  2. Hi Bob

    Well CS3 has the HDR feature in it that's for sure.

    File/Automate/Merge to HDR!


    Here are some night pics I took at the farms dam tonight.

    Just sat there with a couple beers, no one around for miles.







    I assume you had the beers after you took the photos......they are in focus and the camera appears to be pretty stable :wacko: Great photos though, thanks for sharing them with us.



  3. Plans? you don't need plans, just look at the pic and make one the same. ;)


    Well as I'm not getting underwater much now days I thought I would go for a ride back to the farm this weekend again.

    Here is a pic using HDR (High Dynamic Range-technique) done in CS3, my first ever one.



    Very nice HDR photo. Read a couple of articles that said using te HDR feature in CS3 was (a) not possible, (b)next to impossible and © buy this program to to HDR developing. Based on this photo, I am going for the CS3 option. Thanks!



  4. Hi, I live in central florida around the orlando area and Have been diving for about 2 years now and I went on my last dive with one of those cheap 30 dollar underwater cameras that didn't even make it past 5 ft. until it was full of sea water. I don't know much about underwater cameras. I want to find a camera that is at least 10 mega pixles and can be used for everyday shots that can fit in my cargo pants pocket.

    and when i want to go diving can be put in a case to use for that. my budget for the camera and case is about 700 dollars unless there is a camera that is a little more money but gets me alot more quality then i would spend 800 on the setup.


    so does anyone have any suggestions on what models to look at. everytime I go into a store I get confused on what to buy

    Check out reefphoto.com.Can't go wrong there. They have a pretty extensive used and closeout section where you might find something within your budget. They are located in Florida also, I think Ft. Lauderale. Maybe you could make a day trip and find what you want.


    I've made many purchases from them and have been comletely satisfied with every aspect of the transactions. Good luck.



  5. Thanks for the reply Bob,


    I actually have 14-54 II. It is a great lens, but I think for underwater I will use just 14-42 for a while. It is not that bad, and I am guessing lens resolution is less of a limitation underwater.


    So this case fits as a carry-on? This is nice. I was thinking of getting a hard case for it.





    My carry on bag used to be an Aqua Lung mesh bag with a zipper top and shoulder strap. I have now graduated to a Stahlsac Cayman Brac carry on with wheels. I can get the camera, housing with dome port, strobe and some soft clothing for padding into it no problem. The wheels sure beat the hell out of carrying this thing with a shoulder strap!


    IF you go with a hard carry on case, mak e sure the measurements don't exceed the TSA requirements, 22" length, 14" wide and 9" high. I think the weight requirement is no more than 40lbs, but I have never had ny carry on stuff checked for weight.



  6. I will probably regret it later when the camera spends few month sitting in the closet, but for now I am very excited to get a DSLR housing. I have used P&S underwater before, and it was cool, but still was somewhat handicapped in terms of DR. Than I did an underwater model shoot using ewa-marine style bag, and it was a lot of fun:





    Except bag was very hard to use... So I was thinking of upgrading to Ewa-Marine, DSLR proper case was out of question because I though it would be at least $1500. But turns out I can get case and the port for $800. So I thought - what the heck! No lights yet...


    I wonder how many people get a case and use it only once? :) Also how much pain is it to travel with a case like that?



    Welcome to the Olympus family, nice photos! I have an Oly E-410 with an Oly PT-E03 U/W housing and Inon Z240 strobe that I use everytime I dive (at least once a month) or go to the swimming pool with my grandaughter. I have flown to Florida and Puerto Rico couple of times with this outfit. I put the camera, strobe and housing in my carry on bag. Everything else goes in the checked bag. I just recently upgraded to the Oly Zuiko 14-54 f/2.8 lens. A significant improvement over the 14-42 f3.5 standard lens that came with the camera.



  7. You want sharks? How about a German WWII submarine as well as a ton of other wrecks.... Beaufort, North Carlina. Takes about two hours to get out to some excellent wrecks and structure that are usually well populated with sand tiger sharks and bull sharks. Best time is May through October. Anytime past October is a crap shoot with the weather (hurricanes & tropical storms). Not only is the diving great but the barbeque pork sandwiches are pretty damn good too!



  8. Thanks, good info and I'm going out on a boat next week so I can give it a shot.


    I shoot in RAW and use Aperture. I don't like Photoshop much so pretty much I just do everything in Aperture.

    Have you tried Adobe Lightroom? That's what I've been playing with for about a year and it does a pretty good job for "developing" RAW photos.



  9. The Zuiko 14-54mm is a quality lens and the one I use the most for "I don't know what I'm going to see" dives. It gives you moderate WA (28mm equivalent) and acceptable semi-macro. You can click on my links to see examples.

    Thanks for your reply and link to your photos. They look really good. I especially like your North Carolina u/w photos with the Olympus and Discovery dive shops. I mainly dive with Discovery and have been on all the wrecks you were. In fact, had a good day out yesterday on the U-352 and the Schurz. As I haven't gotten into macro potog. yet, this lens will probably do just fine for me. If you're ever out this way in the future, let me know.



  10. Aquarium water is very clear, you'll tend to over expose at first.

    You can get "out siders" in the frame if you shoot at an oblique angle to the glass.



    Great photo, love the expression on the girl's face. I am interested in your camera, settings and strobe as I have just begun a new adventure as a volunteer diver at our local aquarium. Thanks.



  11. i recently bought a rig and took a class in how to use it in miami. i have to say its probably the most fun ive ever had with a camera...my dillemma is how do i practice getting better if i live in a place like nyc? the only dive spots seem to be in pretty murky cold water off of long island and i would need to invest in a dry suit (something ive never tried before) is there anyone else on here who can offer advice on how to practice? is coldwater diving for photography particularly difficult? will the murkiness affect my experience? anything i can do to increase my bottom time?


    ill attach one of the photos i took on my first dive with my camera/5th dive ever, sorry for the awful quality hopefully ill get better with time

    Well...have you considered moving to a warmer climate? Don't let a job or school get in the way :-)



  12. Well if it is those types of jokes -


    A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks him "Why the long face?"

    Along with that one....a bear walks into a bar and says "Bartender........I would like......a..........................drink" The bartender replies, "sure but why the big pause?"



  13. I dive Indonesia a lot in Oct/Nov, also with a Nexus housing. I've never had a fogging problem with it. I always work on the camera in my room. AC is on a moderate setting (not too cold). Sometimes I turn it off so the fan isn't blowing dust & stuff around the room while housing is open. If on a liveaboard I work in the camera room or on the dive deck, where ever they have a camera area. The system sits outside in the shade to acclimate to ambient temperature. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat compared to polycarbonate housings. There must be a sufficient temperature difference between the inside vs outside of the housing for condensation to occur. This has never been an issue for me.



    I always assemble my camera & housing in an a/c environment and I pack as many silica gel dessicant bags in the housing as I can cram in there without affecting the camera operation. Haven't had any problems with fogging either. And, I DO NOT open the case until I am through diving for the day. I usaully wait until I am back on land.


    Best place I have found for the silica gel bags is at OpticalOceansales.com. Jack has a specail on "Drycam" right now. These things are blue and turn pink when they have absorbed any moisture in the air. Unfortunately, they can't be revived, but they are cheap enough to just toss them out if they are pink and replace with fresh blue ones.



  14. I am looking for an Olympus PT-041 housing for my wife's Oly Stylus 850SW. Anyone have one of theses to sell?

    I just did a Google search for the Olympus PT-041 and got over 20 pages of search results. There are plenty out there, Ebay, Amazon,etc. Check it out.



  15. I want to get specific camera insurance for my Canon SLR and associated kit, but many of the ones I've looked at specify either that they won't cover any equipment that's used underwater, or at the least they won't cover it for damage from water ingress. I might be just naive to expect cover for water damage if I use it underwater but I wondered if anyone on here might be able to offer any advice, in particular if anyone can recommend any insurance companies in the UK.



    Have you checked out DAN (Divers Alert Network)? I have my u/w camera and accessories insured through them. Check it out here https://www.h2oinsurance.com/ or https://diveralertnetwork.com.



  16. I bought an Olympus 850 SW camera for my wife, and now I'd like to get a housing for it. If anyone has one to sell, or knows of a good source, please let me know.

    Thanks to all.


    There are a currently a couple for sale on Ebay and if you do a google search you'll find a bunch for sale.



  17. I've just applied the patch. Here's the message I'm going to post on the front page:


    The software we use to run the forum has recently been under attack by a new way of spamming that involves humans (to get by the validation process) and automated bots (to PM everyone, over time). Other forums that run the same software have reported similar issues.


    We have applied a software patch that does PM flood control on the PM screen, which means that members will not be able to send more than 1 personal message every 6 minutes. This will ensure that bots cannot PM spam anymore. In addition, we have disabled BBCODE in the PM system, so it will be impossible to send formatted text (or active links) in personal messages.


    Anyone who still wants send many PMs will have to go through the normal process of signing up for a new account and posting a message in order to become validated, which is how we have prevented most spammers from having access to our forums. The initial post these spammers use to become full members are all pretty obvious and are normally off topic -- report them early, and hopefully, we'll get to them before they manage to send anymore PMs.


    We're told that the upcoming version of our forum software includes a centralized SPAM reporting and banning service, which means that as soon as one of these guys hits one forum, they will be banned on all of them. This is the same method that most blogs use for anti-comment spam, and has been shown to be extremely effective.


    Thanks for your patience, everyone. We'll try hard to make it as hard as possible for spammers to do anything here again, although it is always a game of catch-up as they find new ways to get in.


    If you have other issues, please contact us at http://wetpixel.com/contact



    Eric Cheng

    Publisher/Editor, Wetpixel.com

    Good job Eric! I knew you guys would take care of this idiot. Keep up the good work.



  18. Bob,


    What kind of camera system are you trying to carry on?




    I have an Olympus E-410 with Oly E-03 U/W housing and an Inon Z-240 strobe. I pack these along with my bcd (Sherwood Avid) in an Aqua Lung mesh bag that I carry on. All this stuff weighs in at close to 35 lbs and after carrying it through the airport making connecting flights, my back and shoulder starts screaming like hell! So, my quest is for a suitable carry on bag with wheels. Will make my back/shoulder a lot happier and I won't have to listen to my wife complaining about my aches and pains. :vava:



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