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  1. I will be diving in St. Lucia & Dominica next month, February 16 & 17. Not sure where in St. Lucia yet, but in Dominica it will be the L'Abym Marine Reserve. These will be day dives, no night dives.


    Does anyone here know what the water temps are at these locations during that time period? Also, I am thinking about not bringing my strobe, strobe arm and tray in order to keep my luggage weight down. I have made dives in the South Caribbean waters the past couple of years and the visibilty has always been excellent. So, I'm thinking I probably will not need a strobe. What are your thoughts?





  2. Hello Mary,

    I always assemble my camera and housing with port in an air conditioned room that is usually around 70 degrees. I also load the housing up with as many silica gel (dessicant) packs as I can cram into the housing without interferring with any of the camera mechanics. I have had no condensation problems diving in waters that have had temperatures from 65 degrees to 80 degrees. I also do not open the underwater camera case while out on a dive. I wait until I am done diving for the day before I open the underwater camera case. I use a 16gb card and load a freshly charged battery before I go diving also.




    I am travelling to Christmas Island off the Western Australia coast Thursday. It is monsoon season but that's when the whale sharks are supposed to be there. We are anticipating very humid conditions and I was hoping to get advice regarding preventing condensation forming inside my ports. Do I assemble the housing in an air conditioned room or not? What other tricks is everyone else doing?


    Thanks for any help



  3. My profession is residential real estate appraisal work. Diving and U/W photography is my hobby. Occasionally when I give a prospective client my fee quote for an appraisal, which is competitive with other residential appraisers within a 50 mile radius, they start to piss and moan. So I politley ask them if they are looking for a free appraisal, to which the response is always "yes". I then tell them that when I get some "free time", I'll call them back. ;)

  4. I purchased an Olympus 710 last year before a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Did a damn fine job for me...above water. When I got home I bought the Olympus PT-032 u/w case for it and have taken the rig down to 115' with no problems. Photo quality is excellent. I know use this camera and cae on beach trips and in the swimming pool. I have stepped up the the Olympus E-410 with uw case and an Inon Z240 strobe for my diving adventures.

  5. Looking for some feedback on Divervision.com. Their website does not have a physical address nor a telephone number. I have e-mailed questions twice regarding underwater strobes. One e-mail was never answered and their reply to my second one took about a week.


    Although their prices are very competitive and attractive, their shipping charges are much higher than the competition. Leads me to think they are not in the United States.


    Has anyone here purchased from them? Does anyone here know where they are located and how about a phone number? Thanks for your help.




  6. I am in the process of putting together an underwater package for my Olympus E410. Does anyone here have any experience or comments, good or bad, about the Olympus UFL-1 strobe/flash? Thanks!

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