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  1. hi vincent check at http://www.hugyfot.com/ they do ports for other housing brands bernard
  2. which filter brand would you recommend that does not have thick mount, B&W?
  3. thanks for your answers I'll try with a +3 diopter I 'll be very interested to know if somebody with a 16-35 mm using a +3 dipoter has good results (as the manufacturer do not advice to use one) Is a larger dome (9") maybe the solution? a great idea probably would be to have a "zoom extension ring"! but still does exist on the market
  4. Hello Does anyone have the right setting for a canon 5d and 16-35mm MKI to have sharp corners??? My housing is an aquatica with 8" dome and I use the ext ring adviced by aquatica but it is not satisfactory a +3 diopter??? thanks for your answer!
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