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  1. I'm selling my RX100 kit. It's been on three dives and is in like new condition. Items included are as follows with new prices listed. Sony RX100 649.00 Nauticam Housing 950.00 Blue Water Photo Wide Angle Lens 450.00 Nauticam Flip Diopter 260.00 1600.00 plus 20.00 shipping in US or Canada. All other items in pic are staying with me......
  2. No c1 or c2 button on this camera. I was hoping that there might be a "backdoor" trick.......
  3. I took out my new canon SD960 IS in the Ike housing last night for the first time. Overall I am please with the results for the first time using the set up. One thing that really bothered me was the fact that I had to put the camera back in macro every time it powered back up. Is there any way to save settings so that I don't have to switch back every time? Thanks in advance!
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