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  1. Ive moved on to a newer system. This housing still is fully functional. It has a few cosmetic blemishes, but works great, with the sole exception of the leak alarm. It has a standard view finder attached, 2 fully functional Nikonos style strobe connection ports, and a Type 4 port opening. It was over $7000 new, but I'm asking only $2000 for it, with free shipping to the continental US. PayPal preferred.
  2. Hi AdmiralRobert, I have one that im willing to part with. Its used, but still in good working order, with the diffuser, mounting screw, and ultralight single ball end arm with sea and sea mount. Im happy to ship it via priority mail or UPS ground to anywhere in the lower 48 for $300. Thoughts ? email me pls at jeff@jeffyonover.com Best, Jeff
  3. hi. i have a subal d10 housing for the d100, but no ports to offer, since i am still using them on my other subal housings...you can still buy these ports, new or used, elsewhere---check out http://www.backscatter.com the housing is in great shape...only has about 200 dives on it...ill even throw in another D100 body for you...im really trying to get rid of stuff i havent used in a while. so, does the housing and the D100 for $1200 plus shipping sound reasonable ?
  4. Annemarie, I have a Subal D10 housing, and an a D100 body that i am looking to sell. I have to keep the ports, though. Both housing and camera are in GREAT shape, and have very low "miles". Please email me at jeff@jeffyonover.com, if you are interested, and i can give you more details... Thanks, Jeff
  5. This tandem of Nikon D100 camera body and Subal D10 housing for it has been stored in a pelican case since 2005. It is in perfect working order, has been well maintained, and has had less than 200 dives on it, with NO floods. I bought it all new in 2004, then upgraded to a D2X (also for sale, see other listing) in 2005, and have been the only owner. I just upgraded again to a Subal housed D3X, so i gotta raise some cash ! No ports included, but all Subal ports for current models still function properly with the D10. Low shutter actuations. Great starter rig. $1000 plus shipping/insurance to US locations only, please.
  6. I just upgraded to a Subal ND3 with a Nikon D3X, so i gotta raise some cash ! This Nikon D2X has under 32,000 shutter actuations on it, and is in perfect working order. The Subal ND2 housing for the D2X has been well maintained, and again, works like a charm. Since i am still shooting a subal housing, i need to keep my ports. I have been the only owner of this gear, and have used it gently. It has about 500 dives on it, and has NEVER flooded. I am asking for $3000 plus shipping/insurance for the camera and housing tandem. US shipment only, please.
  7. Bonjour, i have a Subal ND2 housing for Nikon's D2X that is for sale. I have been the only owner of it, having bought it in 2005. It has been well maintained, and has never flooded. I am keeping my lens ports for my new Subal ND3 housing, so i cannot offer these in the sale. That said, I am asking US$2000 (plus shipping) for the housing. If you are interested, please email me at jeff@jeffyonover.com to discuss further details. Merci, Jeff
  8. Hi Again Laura, Just following up with you on the D100 housing.... Are you still looking ? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Laura, I actually have a D100 and Subal housing that im trying to sell. I cant sell the ports too, because i need them for my D2x and D3 rigs, but the Subal ND10 housing itself is in fantastic condition, as is the D100, which you could use as a backup, just in case. Im sure you can pick up a used port or 2 from someone else, at a reasonable price. Or, worse case scenario, buy them new from Backscatter or U/W phototech, or someone like that. I tried to sell it all on ebay a month or so ago, but asked for a reserve price that was too high. Ultimately, i was trying to get $1500 out of the package, but i think ill have to settle for less. What do you think about $1000 plus shipping ? this includes the camera, two batteries and a charger, shoulder strap, front and back housing pieces, o-ring, and lens cap. also, theres a pelican case for the housing that i am happy to part with for another $100. Interested ? if so, please email me at jeff@jeffyonover.com take care, Jeff
  10. I have carried this system as my backup for a while, but i'm moving on. $1500 will get you the housing, which is in great shape, the D100 body, battery, and charger. This doesn't include the lens ports, because i still need these. Will ship for free in the U.S. ebay posting is http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=330276464386
  11. i know its quite a while since you posted the above, but are you still looking for the ND10 ??? i have one that i am looking to sell
  12. jon, the only problems i have had with Air Niugini and baggage allowances in the 10 times i have been there since 2000 have been on international flights from cairns to pt moresby...thats the aussies being aussies... domestically, i have never once had anyone even ask about the checked bags and carrryons, and i travel with alot of gear... once you are in PNG, you really shouldnt experience any issues...the only possiblity is that the flight from POM to Alotau is sometimes on a smaller plane (dash8?) and may have less space....either way, they ususally are very good about finding space for your carryons... they do allow extra allowances for dive gear, so if they do give you a hard time, make sure that you tell them you are a diver and the that baggage is dive gear. have fun !!!!!!!!!!! jeff
  13. Drew, You're welcome, and good point. Jeff
  14. In defense of Kararu Cheng Ho: Just to establish that I have experience from which I can make what I believe to be objective and fair judgment about the Cheng Ho, I submit that I have made an average of 3 or 4 liveaboard trips in the IndoPacific in each of the last 11 years on almost 20 different liveaboards. I have never posted any comments---negative or positive---to this forum before, nor have I ever posted anything to Undercurrent, or any other such forum. I have no business connection with Kararu, or any other liveaboard or dive resort. After reading some of the earlier comments in this thread, I felt that, in this case, Kararu deserved a review from a different, more current, and perhaps more objective perspective. I just returned this week from having spend 20 days on board Cheng Ho from 14 dec to 3 jan and offer the following: The only truly negative thing I can say about the boat is that it is relatively slow compared to a modern style vessel. This, of course, can be said about all pinisi style vessels, which most of the boats in Indonesia are. What it lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in space and charm. 1. Yes, the boat leaks when it is raining hard. It is a wooden boat. At no time, however, was there significant amount of water on the floor of the salon. Additionally, the charging area is very well protected by a covering that is heavy fabric on the top side of it, and thick plastic underneath. There were absolutely no problems with this setup, despite VERY heavy rains and seas. 2. During the 21 days on board, to my knowledge, not a single piece of any guests' equipment (photo, video, dive gear, etc.) was lost, mishandled, damaged, stolen, etc. 3. There were no problems with ample fresh water supply. The showers in the cabins had plenty of hot water. The deck showers, indeed, were not heated, but ran consistently at the same temperature as the ambient air (80-85). Not hot certainly, but hardly cold. 4. We had no less than 3 dive masters in the water on all dives, unless there were fewer guests choosing to make a specific dive. This is in addition to the photo/video pro. 5. Great care was taken to do multiple head counts after every dive. This system may have been instituted recently, but it was indeed in place. No one was left at any dive site, other than for 5 minutes while the tenders shuttled divers that surfaced earlier. 6. There were no problems with the generators, compressor, etc. Everything worked just fine. Whatever problems existed earlier in the year have been dealt with, and done so effectively. 7. The dive tenders are not atypical of other locally owned liveaboards in Indonesia, PNG, Thailand, Solomons, Fiji, etc. They are not fancy, they don’t have tank racks, but they are seaworthy, they have twin 40hp outboards that functioned properly on every dive, and they served their purpose quite satisfactorily. 7. We had very uncomfortable weather (Cyclone Melanie) for 2nd half of the trip. Very high winds, currents, heavy rain and high seas. Yes, it sucked. The boat pitched, rocked, rolled, and moved every which way possible. Because we were fighting uphill in the open Banda Sea for most of this time, we lost many days of diving, and completed less than 1/2 the itinerary that was planned. Everyone was very disappointed, most were seasick at some point (including crew----we renamed the boat the "Heave Ho" for a portion of the trip), and the potential for morale problems and conflict was very high. The crew and cruise directors stopped at nothing to make sure that everyone was as safe and comfortable as absolutely possible. Despite the rather potentially dangerous, and unfortunately unavoidable conditions, not a single person was injured, nor any personal equipment lost or damaged. They worked as a cohesive unit to ensure that we all were as happy as we could be with the unfortunate conditions, while, behind the scenes, they worked to give us something to smile about after all was said and done. Without our making any complaints or demands (these were discussed amongst us, but we never had to even begin to put it into motion), Kararu took it upon themselves to pay for the entire group (15 guests and 3 crew) to be flown from a town on Alor to Kupang, put us all up in a hotel, then fly onward to Bali the next day. In addition, because we never made it that far, despite that being one of the main reasons we had all booked that charter, they gave each one of us a voucher for a free 7 day komodo trip for 2008 or 2009. This, in my experience, goes above and beyond what I have experienced with other operators in the past who have faced issues like this. While it would not have been popular, and they would have gotten some pretty unpleasant feedback, they could easily have said that this was weather related, and therefore, not their responsibility. I have heard many instances from close friends in the business of other operators hanging guests completely out to dry, despite worse experiences. I am already planning to use our free trip later this year, and have no reservations whatsoever with being back onboard the Cheng Ho again. In fact, we are very much looking forward to it. Jeff Yonover Portland, OR jeff@jeffyonover.com
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