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    Nikon D200
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    Hugyfot HFN200
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    Ikelite DS-125
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  1. I use Smugmug and I'm totally satisfied with their service. Getting people to the site is the challenge. I shot an adventure race last weekend, passed out cards to 150 participants and the race organizer, uploaded over 200 images.......so far only about 30 hits. The hard part seems to be to get lots of people to visit your site. But, you are certainly welcome to visit: http://megahurts.smugmug.com/gallery/42206...267358052_EKgpC Ken
  2. Here' mine.....2000 ft. into Jackson Blue Spring, Marianna Florida. More cave diving images at megahurts.smugmug.com Ken http://megahurts.smugmug.com/photos/267357207_ULjzc-S-1.jpg
  3. I had a similar problem when I had been supplied with the incorrect lense gear. Since receiving the correct gear ring I have had absolutely no problems. FYI: I install the camera into the housing first, then install the gear ring from the lense side in order to see the gear alignment and view the lateral alignment of the lense in relation to the gear.
  4. I am considering purchasing a Nikon AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED Macro Autofocus Lens. Can anyone explain the difference, if there is any, in micro and macro as defined by this lense description? Regards Ken
  5. Scooter mounting the camera rig is the way to go. I have a lathe and was able to make mine, and it's quickly detachable. Too many team members can be disastrous, especially in a cave. Last week, attempted to do a cave shoot with my regular team member as my lighting diver, and 3 other cave divers (operating as an independent team) as subjects. The short story is, that 2 of the 3 other divers were not capable of maintaining proper bouyancy and swimming technique. Consequently, I never took a shot and we called the dive early before it got too hazardous. Lesson learned: plan your dive, dive your plan....and check out the abilities of unfamiliar team members before embarking on technical photo/video dives. Ken
  6. Safety is the number one issue. You must utilize your team member to help with camera rig and monitoring your depth, bottom time and run times and gas switches. Most of my images are cave photos, and I need my team to help with all the aspects of the technical dive as well as be an extra set of hands. We find that a rehearsal and briefing are essential to getting good images in the bottom time allowed. I sometimes clip my rig to the line, never to myself, (the camera gets banged around too much). I prefer to hand the camera to my other team member while sorting things out.
  7. I can't comment on the Aquatica ports either, but I do use the 10-17 fisheye. I am very pleased with the lense and port and how well the zoom works.
  8. I've had a Nikon D200 for sometime now and I just dove yesterday with my new Hugyfot housing. I can't comment how it compares with others in the water since I've never dove with other housings. But I found my Hugyfot very easy to operate and manuever. Everything worked as advertised. All the controls that I am familiar with on my Nikon are accessable in the water. I wanted the Hugyfot because my research indicated the Hugyfot had the deepest depth rating I could find. I primarily dive caves and since I like deep technical diving it seemed the best choice. I have a Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lense and the Hugyfot domed fisheye port. All seemed to work well and produced better than I expected photos for a first time underwater photograher. The Hugyfot is very robust yet compact. As a technical diver I appreciate the fact that the housing bolts together eliminating the possiblity of an accidental opening. My first time in the water with this housing and I carried two stages with my back mount doubles. I found the camera/strobe setup to be very slightly negative and it seemed to be well trimmed fore and aft.
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