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  1. Hi, I have for sale my Fathom Imaging full zoom super wide angle lens from my Light & Motion HC3 housing. It is in excellent condition, used on one trip. I am based in Kent, UK. Looking for £1000 ono plus shipping.
  2. I have for sale my Light & Motion HC3 housing and HC3 Pal format camcorder. The housing has the standard monitor back, the standard zoom macro port and also the very nice Fathom wide angle zoom lens. The setup has been used on one dive trip and was very pleased with the results. Have a new baby so the housing will not get used for a very long time so looking to sell. Am looking for £2500 for the package plus shipping. If there is any interest I will sort photos out.
  3. Hi Brian, The SWP25 is still available. I will look into the possibility of sending to Singapore. The SWP25 is still available. The WP25 is now sold.
  4. Hi. I have been to Cocos twice and for me it is paradise. Stunning island and excellent diving. Sea Hunter is the best dive boat I have been on. Staff were awesome both times as was the food and the fellow divers. The dive guides were superb, taking us to the best sites and telling us the best way to dive them. Got very close to the action with hammerheads coming within touching distance. Patience has been rewarded both times and I would return many more times if I won the lottery. The trip over there was stomach churning both times but the diving was so good that it was worth it. I have been told that Galapagos is also awesome and that Darwin and Wolf are a must. I would not consider going to the Galapagos and not visit those places. Some have reported they prefer Galapagos, some Cocos. I suppose it depends on luck and mother nature. I am sure if you researched the best time of year to go to either and found out the prevailing conditions you would have an excellent trip to either. I know personally from my experiences and from what I have heard, I would go to Cocos if I couldn't visit Darwin and Wolf on a Galapagos trip. If it was a straight choice between Cocos or Darwin and Wolf for me, it would probably take me a while to choose. Enjoy whichever you opt for.
  5. SWP25 reduced to £800 and WP25 reduced to £300.
  6. These lenses are still for sale. Would like to sell within the UK. Very light use on both lenses. They do not fit my latest housing so would like to sell them.
  7. Hello all, Hope someone may be able to shed some light on an issue I uncovered today, just a few days before a major trip. I set up the HC3 in the L&M Bluefin with monitor back. Seems ok at first, then light in top right corner of monitor back goes from green to red. Does this mean anything as no instructions came with it. Then after the camcorder has been idle for a while the whole system shuts off and cannot start it up again without opening the back. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard.
  8. I have for sale two Fathom lenses for use with Gates housings that accept 2.5" ports. I have SWP25 and WP25. SWP25-£1000, WP25-£400.
  9. Hi, Yes the SWP25 is still for sale. £1000 is the asking price. Regards.
  10. Hello, I have for sale to UK buyer a SWP25 Fathom lens and a WP25 Fathom lens for Gates Housings with 2.5" bayonet fixing. Any interest feel free to message me.
  11. Hi Mike, I think it fits the HC7 housing too. I think the HC3 Gates can have MWB retro fitted. I have read the HC3 has better low light performance than the HC7. Have you used either? Thanks.
  12. Hi Everyone, I at present have a Sony PC110 in a closed screen Gates with the very nice Fathom SWP25 lens. Trying to decide if I should gor for a Sony HC3 in a Light and Motion or a Gates so I can use the lens I already have. Anyone use a Sony HC3 with either of these? I have read some issues with low light performance and some don't seem to rate the L&M wide angle lens. My budget would stretch to the housing but not lights yet. Or should I wait to see what the market brings and in the meantime just get some lights for my current set up. The fingertip controls of L&M appeal but the Gates Fathom lens is very good. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks, Richard
  13. Hi, I have for sale my Sony PC110 with Gates housing (closed lcd version) with the superb fathom imaging SWP25 lens allowing the use of the camcorder's full zoom range. (£2000 new) and the fathom imaging WP25 lens, also a wide angle but only supports partial zoom range. (£600+ new). Used on one liveaboard trip. Wishing to upgrade to high definition. Based in UK, South East. £1800. If interested or any questions: richardturtlebutler@hotmail.com. Cheers.
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