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  1. I have been told the apolegma has the speckles on the border of the mantle, bulockii solid line.
  2. My DS160's easily last a full day with 100's of photo's (e.g. Lembeh). If diving somewhere with fewer opportunities then I have had them last 3 days of diving (7-8 dives).
  3. BigJeff

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    Doh! Really don't know how I missed that....
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    I've just found the "unread content" button, is there any way to mark all content as read (apart from reading it!)
  5. I found this while diving in Thailand (Andaman Sea), have not been able to identify it. Any Suggestions? (Yes there is an Octopus in this picture).
  6. The nearest I know of is in Bangkok, if the screws are user replaceable maybe they could send you some? Bangkok Dive Co.,Ltd 457 4, 457/4 Thanon Si Ayutthaya, Khwaeng Thung Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok 10400 TH Service Center Distribution Center Stocking Dealer +66 2 354 4815 contact@divesupplybkk.com nauticamthailand.com
  7. The ones I have seen keep their mouths open far more than normal (wouldn't you!), but they are hard to spot and the only way to be sure is the one open mouth shot out of 50 attempts.
  8. It worked for me, but I am in the UK. You look a lot like your brother Bek, missing him in Thailand.
  9. Yes you can, the bolt to undo is on the underside of the handle. They are a pair (one left and one right) so be sure to put them back on the correct side.
  10. A week ago I flew from Phuket - Doha - London Heathrow with Qatar Airways, 3 DS-161 strobes in my checked bags 2 of which had Lithium batteries. No problems or questions. Security did check the power bank in my hand baggage.
  11. I also have an MSI, the GS70 and am very happy with it. The new GS70 Ghost Pro has just been released and is very good. Slim, light, fast and plain looking and if bought through a "configurator" company like Xotic will go up to 32GB memory 512GB pci SSD system disc and 2TB SSD data drive. Expensive though....
  12. Be sure to check your size and weight allowances with the specific airline, while FAA approved the 1510 is bigger than most airlines (especially in Europe) allow. Contents should be fine as long as you don't put in any hand tools.
  13. You could also check here: http://www.nudipixel.net/species/aegires_gardineri/ Lots of variety in the ​pictures and locations.
  14. Thanks Nigel, It was about 1.5cm. We see the (Aeoliscus strigatus) here in quite a few places, first time I've seen a juvenile.
  15. This looks like a shrimpfish to me, but I've been unable to find anything similar - any ideas? Swimming alone near to Phuket in Thailand. <img src="http://www.scubaboard.com/gallery/data/508/medium/Anemone-Reef-_78_.jpg"/>
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