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  1. Nikon 105mm VR Noodilab x3.8 close up lens diopter Nauticam extension ring 30 with lock £800GBP Only used on 2 trips Also.... Inon z240 type 4 Underwater Gorillapod Nikon 70-300 VR
  2. I'm actually considering not taking the laptop and just taking more SD cards...and look after them! IIRC if you create jpeg copies on your 2nd SD card you can wifi tether your camera to your iPad to check these images with the Nikon software...the missus wont moan at me for spending all my trip behind the PC then!
  3. But when did it become monthly then, I'm sure I bought a licence for another one after LR3, but nothing on Adobe records. Haven't used Photoshop in years now, tis a good deal tho, but thinking I could cope
  4. Yeah Tim, sorta thinking that, its free isnt it, so must be lite? If it doesnt become obvious what differences are by August I might just go back to my old LR3 licence, will save me £10 a month!
  5. Hi Tim! Nice to hear from you and thanks for replying Yeah I was thinking it would still work but wondered on the options that may make it better, or maybe back up to a cloud? Still trying to understand LR CC now, I'm guessing LR Classic used to be LR CC, and LR CC used to be LR mobile? Is there anything that can be taken advantage of with the CC/mobile other than working on copies of your photos from a collection? Can the Catalog be backed up/synced and used reliably?
  6. After an unfortunate very long break in the hobby, I'm happy to be back into it soon with a trip to the Philippines in the not to distant future. I still have Lightroom but see its changed quite a bit with CC and now Classic CC, so wish to maximise my Lightroom workflow capabilities. My old way of working was to store the photos and catalog on an external hard drive via Lightroom on the lap top and carry on with them at home on Lightroom on the desktop. Is this still the way with the newer versions? I have my 2nd licence (as well as an old LRv3) currently on my work PC but not sure how to benefit from this other than using copies of my photos in a collection. Cheers Paul
  7. Fantastic work Rafa, Bravo! I quite fancy going there myself one day
  8. Hi guys, Could anyone help me on the above, I'm on my first overseas assignment and my contract was to just provide a magazine with story and photos, but the dive centre requires some photos for their shop and website, as its a new venture for them. It's also my first time I've been in this position. PM me if you feel this a better option. Cheers Paul
  9. Lovely Tim.... My favourite is the black and white lemon 'sulking', might have some use current commercially in my opinion. A few too many though in my opinion Tim, I know its hard, by god its hard!
  10. Shame was my favourite too. Could they not make it a digital mag instead to lower costs?
  11. I feel the D7100 will do me fine, its lighter and smaller than any D400 will be and I've seen fantastic photos taken on less than or equal to the D7000, by other photographers too I also hope to pick up a full frame camera to compliment my professional land work. I have character (yes, me!), cheek, respect where due, passion, enough knowledge, and perseverance, all of these will make my dreams work. The pennies saved on the D400 will go into the FF. After all there's loads more money in local land work than there will ever be in the underwater world. Which in turn pays for my real passion under the waves.
  12. D800 would only ever be suited to wreck divers, get as close as you want with no harm of scaring any wildlife. What do people think about the crop feature for macro work, giving the opportunity to using a 60mm in a similar way to a 105mm? Would this work?
  13. Eventually finding the time while i relax, and having a deluged look at the spec etc. 1/250 flash shutter speed? Is that right? Wasn't the 7000 and 300 1/320? A bit shit that its the same as an Olympus mirrorless if so. Also noticed wireless was listed as built in, whereas it was referred to the wu-1a was needed? With the removal of the low pass filter does that mean that everyone who spent a fortune on the d800 (no E) is a bit pissed off that theyve rightly accepted that after their "experiment" of giving 2 "options" with the 800 they were right to remove to. I'll still have one tho, sold my d90 housing last may, spoilt 2 planned trips already, be good to get back in the game
  14. You can get in whenever you want unguided with these guys, on your own if you want as long as you want, no worries http://www.sharkexpedition.com Read my story here http://scubysnaps.com/blog/2010/12/sharks-blog gallery http://scubysnaps.com/tigerbeach or in Diver magazine http://scubysnaps.com/publications http://www.divernet.com/Marine-Life/sharks/953702/tigers_lemons.html
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