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  1. I have now joined this club and have the camera with 12-50 kit lens, Nauticam housing, port and zoom gear plus 2 inon 240s. I used it for the first time yesterday and was impressed by the ease of use of the housing and the smooth transition between macro and e-zoom settings. I only did a shallow shore dive so didn't have much opportunity for wide angle but macro setting was pretty impressive. I need more dives with the rig before I decide whether to dispense with my canon 7d in ikelite housing but the size and usability of the oly in the Nauticam was really good. Special praise must go to Alex Tattersall who patiently out of hours answered some of my dumb queries about putting the zoom/macro gear.
  2. Thanks, Steve. Trial and error is the honest answer! I've got loads of shots where the tarpon are blown out, where the silversides are, where they're underexposed etc. I just kept tweaking settings and strobe positions until I got something that looked the business. I've reduced exposure a notch from the raw file in Aperture, too.
  3. This is one of my favourites from a couple of weeks ago. I could have spent ages at the site. Good reason to go back again, though!
  4. Thanks for sharing Dave! I am just back from GC and dived that site. It was fab. I didn't take any video but I did take stills, particularly trying to get shots of the silverside parting for the tarpon. The tarpon were fascinating to watch as they cruised through the shoals. Your video brought back nice memories!
  5. This is always a great thread. This is my offering - octopus posing in North Sea at St Abbs, Scotland
  6. Excellent! Sounds and looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for posting.
  7. I've not found the RBX very robust for UK diving. A leak in the leg, I've had to replace wrist and neck seals, the zip flap is annoying and the pocket had no drain hole (not major but annoying). More generally, it's just not felt up to the job I need it to do in the relatively harsh conditions we experience year round in the UK. As for the current Divemaster model, compared to the model from 9 years ago, they feel kind of cheap to me. Just my perspective but I would rather save and pay more for quality that spend less on a false economy.
  8. I have a Divemaster (old model dating back to 2002) which was a good suit, and I still use it as a backup, but I wouldn't get the current model - comparatively it seems much more poorly made. I have an RBX (first model not the RBX II) and I wouldn't recommend it, to be honest. I have been disappointed in it. When I next get a drysuit, I am afraid it won't be a ND one ...
  9. Very nice - I was just browsing it last night!
  10. Just finished watching the latest episode - absolutely stunning again. Jaw dropping filming on land, from the air, underwater and underground. Fabulous.
  11. Yep, just finished watching it. Superlative. Loved the sea lion and penguin sequence.
  12. No success on the photo front but it was still fantastic being up close and personal, especially when there were three lined up beside me.
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