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    Photography and Diving!! Running, horse riding and trying to escape from London as often as poss.

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    Olympus C60z
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    Inon D2000
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    Inon UFL 165 AD Fisheye
  1. Cheers for all the tips! I'll look into the Fuji - I was also looking in the E900 fuji but this is about 3 years old. Hopefully I'll come up with a good solution v soon.
  2. Hi! Thanks for the advise. I shall check out the G7 / G9 - although sadly I don't think my lens will fit with the canon housing. cheers
  3. Hi I did a search on underwater photos with Fuji E900 and came across your message! Great shots, they are fantastic. I already have the 165 inon lens and I am looking to upgrade my camera which currently is an olympus C60zoom. I always had problems when trying to photograph large moving creatures - turtles, sharks etc and the camera would never take the photo! How is the E900 for this? Also - someone mentioned vignetting might be a problem - is this true and does the wide angle lenses still work to it's full range? I'd be so grateful for any advise if you are still out there and able to help! Cheers, Carina
  4. Hi Does anyone use the Canon PowerShot A650 IS or A720 underwater? Any good? Am also thinking of getting a canon G9 but seems to be probematic to use my UFL 165 fisheye lens with it. Thx, Carina
  5. Hi I have been using an Olympus C60z for around the last 4 years with an Inon UFL165 fisheye lens and Inon D200 strobe? It is time to upgrade! I am trying to find a new compact camera ideally that can shoot raw and will work with my fisheye lens and strobe. Can anyone recommend anything? One problem I had with the C60z was the lag time as the camera would never take the photos straight away when you had a turtle, manta, shark etc close up which was always v frustrating! So I also need a camera that avoids this problem or advice on if I was doing something wrong or missed an obvious setting. Thx, Carina Below is my website which includes some underwater photos to indicate the sort of photography I shoot uw. www.photoescape.co.uk
  6. Hi - I use an inon D2000 strobe with a compact olympus camera at the moment - strobe is excellent and hit as loads of settings which allow to photograph various settings when lots or little of flash is needed.. I am thinking of upgrading my camera to a G9. How do you find using it with the ikelite housing - do all the camera functions work and can you use all the camera's manual functions with ease in the housing? Any advise anyone? Cheers, Carina
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