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  1. If recently released ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) converter (model : VCL-ECU1) can be used with Nauticam housing, it will be great addition
  2. Good to see first NEX underwater photo in real life use. Thank you for providing good pictures. Did you test Nikkor 10.5mm/2.8 Fisheye with adapter as well? I am hunger to see more picture with NEX And wonder RAW image quality is any good or bad compared to other cropped sensor camera. Cheers.
  3. I`m really looking forward to see your results Especially from Nikkor lens + adapter, since one of NEX system`s strongest side is ability to use most lens available via adapter.
  4. Sony announced firmware update which support for A-mount Sony lenses with internal motors and add customizable buttons in Photokina 2010. E-system is getting intriguing for underwater use , indeed link below http://www.imaging-resource.com/NEWS/1285109120.html
  5. Thanks for replies Using adapter ring gonna be better choice for me at the moment. I may buy two adapter rings 46mm-52mm-67mm (I can`t buy any 46mm-67mm ring here ) Is it no problem to use two step-up rings for W/A lense? PS. I thought about AD mount base from Inon which could match my housing, but there`s no chance of knowing how this AD mount work and which one can be fit or not for my housing. There is no Off line shop selling all kind of Inon stuffs in my country !
  6. hi I just got a Nikon P5100 + Fantasea Housing for my first UW camera. Is there any way I can use Inon WA lenses with Fantasea housing? (I would like to use Inon dome unit later on) If I can`t, I need to buy another camera which can be used with Inon lense, unfortunately
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