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  1. Where's the dislike button? Shark feeders = morons.
  2. Hello people , I leave you here a small video "reportage" of an underwater photography contest that took place 2 weekends ago in São Miguel, Azores. The text is in portuguese, but the images speaks for itself! By the way, the shipwreck is a former Libertyship (Edwin L. Drake) that sunk in 1964 with the name of "Dori". I hope you enjoy! [vimeohd]16327372[/vimeohd]
  3. Thank you guys for the nice comments. I really appreciate it.
  4. Hello, I leave you here this short video. I hope you enjoy! [vimeohd]14749590[/vimeohd]
  5. Thanks! Yes, he almost ate the dome and one of the lights... LOL
  6. I leave you here a short video of the sea king of the Azores. Hope you enjoy!
  7. The only problem is that the nits are very large. Even the most distracted person notice them. My guess is that the director was sleepy. But, I close my case.
  8. Ok, maybe they also reversed the old man from the back seat to the front seat...
  9. The lowlight ability is self evident as well as the mistakes (for instance, the driver position) in this short film.
  10. Great teaser! Well done! I take this opportunity to ask you about the film/documentary Sharkwise. What happened?
  11. You should have chosen São Miguel... We have also lots of sperm whales and (in this case) better weather conditions!! I dove in the Faial last week with 15-25 knots of wind.
  12. He only suffered the most stupid shark bite ever filmed.
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