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  1. I would crap the left side off the picture so that the clownnie is more in the left then in the middle. Since this is the side where there is no anemone. Try if a little contrast boost works and maybe some saturation boost in the yellow channel.
  2. More turtles please! I just love them too. Shame I didn't find one last week in the Red Sea. Love the second from bottom one. The one on the surface. Great shot.
  3. With my new Ikelite housing for Canon 5D. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  4. I agree with James, try using WB for a warmer skin color. The only thing I can add is that I experimented with studio flash on the surface so you get a more natural lighting effect. Also let the model wear some wide clothing. Gives a more surreal effect. And last, I often use the surface to get a nice reflection of the model. For examples see my website http://www.edwinvanwier.nl/Models/underwater/index.html
  5. On the underwaterhousing is a Sea&Sea YS90 and outside the pool a Bowens 500.
  6. When the winter gets cold in Holland a nice warm pool gives enjoyment too.
  7. I only was lucky enough once to dive te cenottes. Brings back nice memories. Really like this!
  8. All shots are taken with a Canon EOS 300D either with kitlens USM version or the EFS 10-22 mm lens. The housing is from UK Germany, 1 strobe, Sea & Sea 90. The softness on the corners is probably due to the low Av wich I used. I wanted a soft background as well, to let the wrecks fade away. En duikkees ik was hier al vaker geweest ;-)
  9. Thistlegorm: 1. 2. Chrisola K: 3. 4. Ghiannis D: 5. 6. Minja: 7. 8.
  10. I have bought a 15mm Fisheye from Zenitar, Russia fabric. This works perfectly on land on my Canon Eos 300D. Full sharpness just perfect and fun to use. Underwater it has a big problem with focus everything is out of focus or has some kind of blur. Just to show you what I mean is this picture of a half/half moment. The diver getting out of the water is completly out of focus while the whole boat and boat deck is sharp. Anybody a clue???
  11. As a flash i have a Sea And Sea YS 90 auto. Wich works as TTl with the UK Germany housing.
  12. I am using the 300D with a UK Germany housing. Got my house in december just one week before we headed of to Egypt. I am pretty happy with the housing it is nice and comfortable under water. I do have to get used to the 300D. It has so many possibilities I need more holidays to check them all out!
  13. once again but this time with the help of James. Hope this one looks better
  14. Yes Guys, It is just my clumsiness at the 60K limit of wetpixel. I will try to correct this later on in the weekend. Sorry to be so confusing but hey that is what newbies are for!
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