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  1. Haring - You should consider joining the South Florida Underwater Photography Society - https://sfups.org/ good networking and you will make a lot of underwater photofgraphy friends in the area. cheers! - Matt
  2. Hey all - I recently found out that a large business who runs ferry cruises was using a photo of mine to promote their nature excursions. They actually have the photo next to the excursion package in their checkout process. I never licensed this photo to the company and there is no credit anywhere. Furthermore, I have a strong issue with this company, as they participated in very enviromentally destructive work in the past. I want to send them a bill for using my photo to directly profit and a DCMA notice. I don't know what an appropriate amount to bill them is and since I am pretty fired up about it - I would welcome some calm, cool advice. Also - I would love any general advice from anyone who has dealt with this type of problem before...Thank you... - Matt
  3. I just got a GoPro Hero3 Black as a holiday gift and I am looking to mount it on my Aquatica A7D housing. Ideally, I would like to mount a ball right on the top of the housing and connect the camera via a small arm or such. My main question is - I know there is a threaded hole on the top of the housing but what size ball adapter fits this hole? Is it an 1/4 - 20? Maybe jean or someone can help me out. If anyone has a Go pro mounted to their housing and has any pics of the set-up I would appreciate if tyou posted it to give me some ideas of the ways I could attach it. I want it somewhere just above my dome port so I have a similar line of sight. Thanks! - MDP
  4. Just wanted to resurrect this thread - seems the Aquatica 45 is on the Aquatica website, but I can't seem to find it on Backscatter, B&H etc. Is it readily available? What is the damage for this little beauty...Jean maybe you can help me out... cheers! - MDP
  5. Please see eBay auction Ikelite Sync cord on eBay Cord is used but in excellent shape and works flawlessly... cheers! - MDP
  6. Drew - I received and email from Nat Geo and they pulled the image from the gallery. I told them I was more than happy to license it to them if they want it in their gallery. I licensed the blacktip image to several science based news articles. Blacktip photo on LiveScience It should be noted that David Doubilet had nothing to do with this - the Nat Geo website incorrectly identified him as the photographer. Thanks for the input... cheers! - MDP
  7. I recently gave Nat Geo permission to use a shot of one of my professors who became a Nat Geo Explorer. Looking through links from the page, I clicked on a shark gallery. To my great surprise, the last photo was one of mine. Blacktip gallery photo The image is credited to David Doubilet. While I am somewhat flattered that they would mistake my image for one of his, I am totally at a loss for how they got the image and could make such an egregious error. Even the caption is completely wrong, as this IS a blacktip, C limbatus. I wrote them an email today to call them out on it - I have the original raw file and the copyright. I licensed the image to run with a couple shark stories a few years ago but never licensed it to Nat Geo. I am very disappointed that they don't look into their photos to verify ownership. My question is - what is best to do - ask them to remove it? have them change the credit and keep it up? ask them to pay for it? cheers! - MDP
  8. I am selling my used DS 125. I have two DS 160s now and since I don't use it I am looking to sell it. Please see the ebay listing if interested... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6#ht_500wt_1203 cheers! - MDP
  9. Cal - I am currently located about 45 min outside of New York City and should be around for most of the time in May/June. Can probably find you a decent place to crash for a night or two if needed. At the east drop me a line when you are in the area and we can grab a beer... I am working on saving some cash for the same type of adventure down under in the next couple years... cheers! - MDP
  10. A quick question for Alex and other filter users - since I use Ikelite Ds 160s and know their temperature is 4800K I can set my custom white balance to 4800K. If I decided to use the straw filters what temperature would that bring my strobe output to and would I still want to custom white balance to achieve the deep blues. I know that some have tried the magic filter with strobes - what gels do you need to have your strobe output balance the magic filters? cheers! - MDP
  11. I was lucky enough to see Jim at a gallery showing in NYC (Al Vinjamur's simply gorgeous material) last night. While you could see that he didn't have his usual (over) abundance of energy - he still got up in front of everyone and gave a short but eloquent speech on shark conservation. He signed copies of his book "Sharks in Focus" and portion of the proceeds for the event went to support the Shark Research Institute (who I work with). Jim's passion and dedication in the fight to save sharks are an inspiration. I wish we had ten more like him. I would like to thank him and Al for all their support. cheers! - MDP
  12. I believe they also had an experimental CMOS sensor that measured 300mm on a side... and of course the 4K video capture camera. Some interesting exercises - while I am sure they may in some way help canon production models somewhere down the line, they won't be as extreme in size or megapixel count. Basically the - look at what we can do! for the expo I guess... -MDP
  13. I have been looking to house a 7D as an upgrade from my 20D/Aquatica rig. I looked at both Nauticam and Aquatica set-ups. The Nauticam is an impressive set-up and I do really like the ergonomics. I also thought the video functionality was a little bit easier to access on the Nauticam. However, at the end of the day I will be getting an Aquatica. I will be shooting mostly stills with the video as a novelty. I have had my current Aquatica for 5+ years of pretty serious abuse and it has kept on ticking without any serious glitches. I use my camera for my research and it suffers some harsh treatment, as I am frequently in remote areas and getting bounced around small boats. While I have dealt with scratched ports, the actual housing looks like it has been through several battles and keeps coming back for more. The fact is none of the nauticam housings have been around for 5+ years so I can not compare the durability. I am sure that they will perform well over time, but until I see it - I know what I will get from Aquatica. I have been very happy with my A20 and I am sure I will be happy with the A7D. Aquatica has upped their game quite a bit since the A20 and I am excited to use the new housing with its features. From what I have seen, many manufacturers are making really nice hardware these days - a bonus to us underwater shooters - though it does make the decision a hard one. To come into such a specialized and competitive market and make the noise it has, I commend Nauticam as a company. I have also seen their entry into the market serve to push other companies to put out better products. No matter what rig you end up buying, I am sure you will be happy with it. A lot of it is personal preference. Happy shooting... cheers! - MDP
  14. If I had just gotten into the underwater DSLR game, and had a problem with my rig, I would look for support/expertise online. To find wetpixel is probably a godsend for many of the newbies. They probably didn't join up to b!tch, but if they have legit problems (which may or may not involve operator error) they may be seeking advice from some of us so called grizzled vets (who of course never make any mistakes so we know how faulty equipment can be... ). Nauticam is a new company and will have a few bumps along the way. I have not used their housings so I don't feel like I can comment on them, but having seen and held them at trade shows I was impressed with their craftsmanship. I still prefer Aquatica because I have beaten the crap out of their housings and havent found a way to kill one off yet (as a note - as much as I try to take care of my gear - science, especially when conducted in far away places on small boats bouncing around = beat up housings). Once some nauticams have been around for 5+ years of abuse they will have a lot more of my attention. I do like the piano key design and I am sure they will address some of the leaks etc that have been popping up. In the end this will make their product stronger, and next time i upgrade i will be sure to give nauticam a good look. cheers! - MDP
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