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  1. Sea&Sea Japan announced that they make the lens adapter for Canon WP-DC300 again. As you know, it was once discontinued, but they had many request for it, and they decided to make it again, but limited. The expected available date is middle of Oct. My Webpage Yuzo
  2. Hi YS-90AUTO has the "AUTO Sensor" on the front panel of the strobe. With sensing the brightness around the subject, It automatically controls its light level according to the specified aperture value. But it needs to face the subject, so I think it will work well with macro shots but with wide angle, it may cause over exposure due to failure of auto-sensing. So on this case, you should correct aperture value on the strobe on purpose. Yuzo
  3. The vignetting disapears at over the middle range of zoom. about 70mm
  4. Unfortunately I don't have Ikelite housing, so I can not test it. But Canon G2 has 34-104mm lens , on the other hand OLYMPUS C-5050 has 35-105mm. I can guess it apears vignetting with Canon G2, but usually when using close up lens you may set the zoom position at tele side. then the vignetting will disapear. And the distortion are not much problem, because there are few liner objects underwater, but I want to say the decrease of contrast is much problem. I think it is due to the quarity of the lens. :ph34r: Yuzo
  5. Hi Ben I am always asked " How big can I take the object by each lens?" As you said it may be reasonable to test at same distance, but then it will not be the highest magnification shot. so as I wrote at caption "It photographs at the shortest distance where you can obtain maximum photographing magnification ratio." And the shortest distance are different from each lenses. I think my testing will give the idea " How much close to the object and how much magnify it". About the comparison of the magnification ratio, the testing of distortion were taken from the same distance, and the same zoom position. They also give the idea of magnification ratio.
  6. Hi Mike Thank you for your supplement Yuzo
  7. Hi All I uploded "Each lens distortion comparison". to my web. Which close up lens is the best ? I had this question frequency. I hope my testing will be help for you. And INON UCL-165 lens has arrived just today. I think INON Lenses are supperior by my impression. But there is the compatibility for each housing and camera. So this data will differ. And as Mike wrote, these are the Studio shots, but you get the idea. http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/English/eM67lens.htm
  8. Hi, jarnesw This is the first posting on here. I will choose removable lens. I learn by experience, When I dived for taking photos of wide angle objects, but there were not good objects but many good objects for macro were. Don't you have a such case? On that case, if it is a removable one, then I can deal both objects. and the other reason is , I think wideangle lenses that are released from camera makers doesn't have an ability for underwater use on its angle. As you know, if you use it with flat port, then the image is magnified about x1.3. But this problem will be away soon, I think dome ports for digital camera housings will be developed and supplied. If so, I want to use Nikon fisheye conversion lens in underwater.
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