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  1. Maybe you should give Aquatica a call,I was there last week,and saw there D100,it looks really nice.I also think there pricing is much lower than the other aluminum housings,and also there ports are less expensive.Speak with Blake,I am sure he will be able to help you out.
  2. James just to let you know thw Aquatica housing also accepts the nikon 19mm and you can also use their removable underwater lens. POPO
  3. Before you make your purchase, give B & H Photo in new york a call, they have great pricing on the Aquatica 995 housing and there wide angle lens. You will see that this housing is made of aluminum and the camera fits into it like a glove (very compact), I'ved had my setup for a couple of months and I am very pleased. POPO
  4. hi people, i got in touch with Blake at aquatica and he told that for the 5000, they will have a window for the TTL sensor also because the housing is machined from solid aluminum they will be able to make it to accept the MB-E5000 battery pack, something neat that they will also have, is that the standard port will be able to accept their removable underwater wide angle lens, but they will also have a Bayonet style dome port to accept the nikon 19mm lens. POPO
  5. Hi James Yes the aquatica 995 is awesome,I have one of the early models and it works and handles great. I spoke with Aquatica last week and there new housing will be machined from solid aluminum .They would not give me a price but they say it should be the lowest for an aluminum housing.With alot of housings for the 5000,it will be a difficult choice. POPO:)
  6. Nope, i'm not from berlin, I don't know why it did that, it's not the first time it happens, I live in New York.
  7. I got a couple of months ago the Aquatica 995 housing, which is great, I bought it for $849 us, I also bought their wide angle lens which is quite affordable....
  8. This looks like a great housing, I wonder if it will be available early summer or near the end. At Beneath the Sea show, Aquatica showed me there engineering concept for there housing for the 5000. This housing will be machined from solid aluminum and althought a final price was not given they suspect it will be around the same as there housing for the Coolpix 995. This price is $849, the Tetra seems expensive at $1499. Delivery of the Aquatica 5000 will be this June, that was what I was told. I am wondering if the Tetra ships with a bulkhead connector or do you have to purchase the Nikonos bulkhead for $125.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ingenierohernandez@hotmail.com [Edited on 4-20-2002 by POPO]
  9. I was at the Beneath the Sea show this year in New York and Aquatica told me that they will be making an aluminum housing for the D100, and anyone who has either there A90, A100 or A5 housing will be able to use there existing dome ports, macro ports, extension rings and all there focus and aperture gears. They did not give me a final price but said that it woul be very competitive for an aluminum housing. I also think that the camera will bepriced around $2,000. I will start to save my pennies for this combo.
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