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  1. I use an EM1 for bird photography and EM5 for diving. I enjoy both and see no immediate reason to change. I catch up with a Nikon guy sometimes on a local lake and his gear weighs a ton and he cannot hand hold it. He was amazed that I could hand hold a 600m equivalent lens also that I was considering a 1200mm which could also be hand held. I agree with the poster above that Oly lost the plot when it came to lenses but I own all I need for my diving but I was looking forward to the 400mm prime that is coming out this year. I bought a Nikon D800 to try out FF and was disappointed, I expected a solid jump in image quality, there was nothing I could detect in terms of improved image quality, so I sold it after 3 months. 'Nowhere to go, nothing to do' is my current mantra regarding my Oly gear.
  2. Hi Thanks for the link. I am looking for a mount for my Olympus PT-EP08 and they have one. I bought a second hand Olympus mount but it looks like it will fall off at the first opportunity. My thoughts are, these are just a mechanical device with no electronics or lens to add complexity. The worst that could happen is to strip the thread.
  3. HI Just bought the camera and 12-50 lens and tried back button set up, but there are so many options. I am wondering what other users are doing with the alt focus button. Any of them easier to drive on the Nauticam housing than others?
  4. Just a couple more questions: 1. Any one used this and is it worthwhile from V1.2 firmware update? "Olympus also added functions to automatically move focus to the wide zoom position when underwater macro or underwater wide macro modes are selected with a Zuiko ED 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 EZ lens attached." 2. When Alex mentions the 60 port is he referring to the macro 65 #36163 in Nauticam port chart? 3. How do you adjust the euro zoom gear when there does not appear to be a knob on the port to turn it? Is there a knob on the housing?
  5. Hi Phil thanks for that. Based on what you say I think I will try to make the 12-50 my one lens for diving. So get the 60 port and gear with a wet lens for macro. I may sell my 50 macro lens but it will not be easy as I am emotionally attached to that lens. hope all is well with you....
  6. I have just bought an EM5 with 12-50 and will buy the nauticam housing. Two questions: 1. Is it worthwhile using my 50mm macro from my E system with a lens converter and if yes what port will I need. 2. If the camera is set to macro before the dive does this mean the lens works as a fixed macro lens at 43mm ie 86mm in full frame or are there limitations in focus that would stop it being used for fish shots etc. regards
  7. Yes Leslie I guess this one was out looking for a feed as it was 6.30am.
  8. Wonderful Leslie - not exactly the same but enough to make a rough picture ID Heteropilumnus hirsutior. As I have seen nothing else like this and in the absence of any other suggestions I think this is it. I wonder if they are common in Bali?
  9. I was on a mission at Tulamben to shoot some boxer crabs. I swam past a rock and this was on it. Grabbed a lousy shot as I swam by and of course now cant ID it. Looked through my crab books and online no go. Someone suggested it might be a hermit crab out of it shell but I have never seen a hermit crab like this. Sorry about the out of focus shot. regards
  10. Cannot imagine what that guy did with his Aquatica I owned one for 10 years with an Nikon F4 and it never missed a beat and I don't look after my gear. Prior to that I had an earlier Aquatica with an F3 for about 6 years and that also never missed a beat. Never changed an o'ring in all that time and only thing I replaced was the shutter control lever which I stupidly bent. I would just soak it, dry it and store it. Great housings.
  11. I have done 4 trips to PNG on Paradise sport and 3 trips in Australia and they are excellent. The only exception was one DHead dive director in PNG who was about 22 and had an attitude you couldn't jump over. He was only there the one trip and the others have been open enough to allow experienced divers to get the most out of it and tight enough to look after some of the lesser trained. Still miss the woman who ran the first 2 trips to PNG in the 90's can't remember her name but she ran a brilliant divers trip. The best/worst was when we set up a choir to sing songs to respond to the local villagers singing. Sounded pretty bloody awful and during 'whim a wheh' they nearly wet themselves.
  12. Great shots Jeff - said it before about other macro shots by you, but great DOF in the harliquin shrimps.
  13. Hi Jack dont have a problem with af but if there is an upgrade to my E-520 and/or 14-42 + 50mm macro would love to know about it as there was nothing listed last time I looked in January.
  14. If I were you I would start looking for a second hand system. I went through this evaluation about 2 years ago and it is hard when you add up all the bits you need, to get away with a new Nikon system for less than $5k (and I owned all the lenses) assuming you need a dome as well as a standard/macro port. If you rush out and buy the camera and housing without adding in all the extras you will end up paying a lot more than you think. I bought an Olympus set up for about 2.5k and sold all my Nikon stuff which I am very happy with. They have now discontinued the mid range DSLR's, that doesn't concern me but if I was buying now it would. There are complete set ups on ebay from time to time and guys sell set ups here. BH photo has basic camera and housings at reasonable prices but a dome can cost close to a grand. I have never owned an Ikelite housing but leak issues arise on this site and others a bit more often than other housings. The 60mm is a good lens but I always preferred the 105 still it would not be as handy out of the water as the 60mm. You don't really need to have a budget but an idea of the maximum is handy. I found that guys buying new set ups often spend more than they think but end up happy with their choice. Maybe you should also look at the EVIL cameras, don't like not having a viewfinder myself but I am sure they will suit many stepping up from a PS. Still it is not easy to see a path that suits you and what you are prepared to pay.
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