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  1. There you guys go again ... being kinda nasty! Naw ... I honestly have no problem executing links. But when I tried the one Eric gave me, well ... it pulls up nada! Zippo! Zero! At least for me on my machine. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?act=S...s&highlite=5050 I thanked Thomas ... and I have visited each link! I am also using the information I find to do other internet searches. Whether or not I will be able to fish or not will only be told with time. But I do appreciate Thomases help.
  2. Oh come on now! So because I am new, and I have questions that I cannot find answered on this board, this is my fault. And I have tried the search feature ... I thought the idea of a "community" was to help those of us new to something! Not to 1) puff up with arrogance over how boring it is to help new folks out, and 2) recommend we come back when we know exactly what to ask. Gees ... if I knew exactly what to ask, I probably would know the answer now, wouldn't I! Hey ... you are right ... you can admonish if you want. If your idea of a vibrant community is a closed one of ole buds ... your choice. However, I would think the billionth answer which is the first to someone new just might be interesting.
  3. Oh goodness ... I hope someone has more help than that! Guess you were right in your pinned topic - go read a book! Guess I will ... thanks anyway!
  4. Hey folks, I am the proud owner of an Olympus 5060, an Olympus PT-020 case and have even sprung for the PFL-10 case. I am a snorkeler not a diver. Although I have all this cool gear, I am really not sure what to do or how to use it. I assume that if I simply put the camera in the case, jump into the water, and shoot - the pictures will look like crap! So ... do you have any help you can give me? What settings do I make to the camera? Do I need any filters such as red? If snorkeling, does my built-in flash work fine or do I need the external flash unit too? Thanks in advance ...
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