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  1. About 9 months ago I bought a Canon i960 printer. It replaced my Epson Photo EX. You may want to look at Canon. I think my i960 was about $180. The large format Canon (i9000 or something) was about $400. My Canon is very fast, VERY quiet, and has 6 ink tanks. Truth be told I bought the Epson 2200 for myself this Xmas, but my experiences with the Canon are very happy. One drawback for sure is Epson prints last longer..
  2. A few years ago I heard from professionl photogs that re-sizing a 35mm scan to your desired print size in many small steps would degrade the image less than one step. In fact, Fred Miranda posted an action that would do this quite nicely. Has there been any change in the manner of PS 7 image hangling that negates the need for this small step resizing?
  3. Thanks for the info, however I think my question wasn't the right one. I re-read the manual for the N90S. I am confused about how the flash metering system works. The matrix meter, I now realize is for ambient light. But there is some sort of evaluative interaction going on, at least when you use the camera with a SB-26 for land. Does anybody know if their is anything like computer controled evaluation going on when the SB series of flashes are used in water?
  4. Does the matrix metering work on CFWA? Nikon brags that it controls the strobe better in difficult lighting situations but can you really use TTL succesfully in water? And where does everybody place their strobes? How far from the camer and what direction should they be pointed? Straight ahead? Tilted in towards subject?
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