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  1. Hi Everyone - I've been dreaming about visiting the Seychelles for some time now. I was fortunate enough to travel with my employer in November to document a fly fishing adventure. Please check out the newsletter below and please offer any constructive criticism if you have any! Thanks for looking and Happy New Year! http://issuu.com/theflyphoto/docs/fall_new...Mode=doublePage - Matt Jones
  2. I've got a short tutorial on a solution. While searching for background material for product photography I came across a black velvet material. Here is a link to my tutorial http://theflyphoto.com/underwater-photogra...ome-reflection/ Hope this helps! Matt
  3. Those tarpon are pretty wild fish. Such a mechanical looking face.
  4. Hi everyone, I've finally gotten around to posting a few images here and I hope that everyone will enjoy my images. I'm not a diver but a fly fisherman that loves shooting fish underwater. I can't wait to dive into this site so I can learn much much more in hopes to become better at what I love doing. Here are a few images, and please give me your honest opinions! I have more images on my website here: http://theflyphoto.com
  5. Let me rephrase from my earlier statement. When I said 2ft waves I was way off, I'm talking very small waves. Refer to the picture....
  6. Thanks everyone for all of your advice! I will shake the housing vigorously in the tub to see what it can handle. Thanks!
  7. Well, the surf in Baja is not your typical surf. I'm talking waves less than 2ft high. Is this still a concern?
  8. I am brand new to UW photography and wanted to ask everyone a few questions. First off, I have the Ikelite for my 30D, with the 8" dome, and am shooting with my 10-22mm lens. I will be using it for the first time in Baja in 2 weeks. I bought this rig for fly fishing photography, not diving. So, most of my photographs will be taken no deeper than 5ft. Here are some questions: 1) For shooting in the surf, what would be the best focus mode to be in? 2) For under/over shots, what settings do you get the best results in? 3) Do I need to wash my equipment off with freshwater at the end of the day? I can't think of any other questions, but if you can think of any tips you would give a newbie, I would appreciate it!!! Thank you all in advance!! Matt Jones
  9. I am new here, and new to the world of underwater photography. I shoot with a Canon 30D. I am a fly fishing guide in Alaska during the summer and will be returning in June. Here is what I need help with... I want to take pictures of the salmon run in the river I guide on. Ideally, I would like to use a wireless remote so that I could set up the camera on the bottom of the river. This would allow the fish to swim undisturbed, resulting in a better photo. If anyone has experience in this type of underwater photography, or has the knowledge about it, could you suggest some equipment I might need, also some methods?? Thank you very much!!!!
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