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  1. I don't think these are anemones. I think they are very small/young stony corals. Which coral, I have no idea.
  2. The corallimorph, Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum is my best guess. But if that is what it was, it should have had clear tentacles with orange tips out at night.
  3. I used to travel with a small pony bottle. At the time ( the rules on air tanks may have changed post 9/11 ) the rule in the US was that tanks are permitted both checked and caryon(if they are not to large) but MUST have the valve removed. But that was in the US. You'll need to check the regulations for your country and all the countries you travel to/through.
  4. The feathery things are Hydroids, and the out of focus brown bit in the upper right corner is the Coral, Pocillopora, both of which are animals.
  5. Hard to be very confident with the closeup so blurry. But if I must, I'll cast my vote for sand/pebbles/dirt. I see lots of similar looking white specs in the background.
  6. First, when looking for an ID, always post where the photo was taken. Though I don't know if it would help me that much in this case. The mouth reminds me of that of a cleaner wrasse but I did not find any pictures that matched your fish very closely. The closest I found was Labroides rubrolabiatus but it is a bit of a stretch. Hopefully someone else will recognize it.
  7. I don't recognize it, but I'm pretty sure it's not a crab. Either a shrimp or squat lobster.
  8. I can see it being very cool tethered to the camera and used in conjunction with live view - live view on a big portable screen. Maybe if this had come out 5 years ago. But since you can get SD / CF cards that are as large or larger than the amount of storage that will be available on this thing, there is not a lot of point to it... As far as a using it for image editing on the boat. I suppose it's possible. But I'm not sure why anyone would choose this over an old laptop that would cost half as much, be 2x as powerful and would have a keyboard.
  9. My best guess for the cardinals is Apogon monospilus
  10. FYI since he has it in an aquarium, he should know that it is in the scoprionfish faimly and it does have venomous spines (I know, I have been stung by one before, it has a surprisingly potent sting for something that small and innocent looking)
  11. I don't know about you, but when I loose consciousness while diving I very rarely remember to inflate my BCD. Unless the BCD also has magical feature(that would be really cool) that detects when I loose consciousness and can inflate my BCD for me, it will not matter which way I would float unconscious.
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