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  1. What beautiful eyes on the first one.
  2. I really like the first one, the way you lit up the fish with the 2 divers in the back. It was also interesting reading the dive briefing chart.
  3. Great topic. Sure does give one a lot to think about. Although there are limited wide angle opportunities (but lots of macro) the most beautiful place I've visited so far has to be Lembeh. The mountains are breath-taking and the diving is awesome. Can you live at a resort? I just got back from Bonaire and I definitely would not retire there. Everywhere you look there are new condo developments. It looks like freaking suburbia. Plus we didn't see any sharks, one eagle ray and a couple of turtles.
  4. And what gets me is that the 3 of us posted questions about the status of that competition and never got a reply. It was just ignored. And I must thank Robyn again, publicly, for sharing her "ill-gotten gains with her bogus credit card" with me. It was a great trip to Bonaire.
  5. If that is the case, then that is a new rule. I entered a shot of a sea lion in Galapagos with filament wrapped around its neck in the last Conservation POTW Conservationand it was disqualified because it was taken on the beach.
  6. The 2nd place winner for Conservation looks like a land shot to me.
  7. Oh my. Now even fish have to worry about how they look? Maybe they'll invent botox for gobies.
  8. In his explanation of how he got the shot, he said there were a lot of wolves in the area and he set up his camera to take the shot remotely. I'm kind of surprised that photos triggered by the animals via an infrared trap weren't disqualified.
  9. I will. I'm going to Bonaire tomorrow so I won't have much time before then. But I vow to get it done by the end of 2009
  10. Pura Vida Damien. Love the ray shot with the sea stars. I never think of doing something like that. Can you believe that I went to Cocos in July, wrote the trip report on the flight home, and still haven't posted it? I have to still work on more photos. Call me the most excellent procrastinator.
  11. Thanks Leslie. That is the perfect name for them. I was mesmerized by them. They were so pretty.
  12. this was taken in Jupiter Florida on the wreck of the Miss Jenny (I'm pretty sure, or it could have been the Zion) Does anyone know if it has a common name? Thanks.
  13. Looks like a fun party...and I recognize quite a few people.
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