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  1. The service centers are in North Miami and Delray Beach, you can reach them throught their website at: Southern Photo Technical Service. Ask for Zack or Carl and tell 'em Dave Marsh sent you.
  2. OOPS, I just noticed your in the Cayman's, sorry! The Nikon Service Center in Melville will do well for you. I also have friends that run a Nikon Authorized Service Center in Miami if that's of any help.
  3. A Sigma or generic lens cap would not cause this problem. Having serviced these lenses for years I've seen this hundreds of times. This is commonly caused by mounting the lens on the camera body in the incorrect start position and then forcing the lens past the aperture control lever in the camera body. Most often damage is caused to both the aperture control mechanism in the lens and in the camera body as well. I would recommend having both checked even if your only experiencing obvious problems with the 60mm. I'd be glad to recommend a Nikon Authorized Service Center in your area. Sorry I did not catch your post last week, I was on vacation.
  4. What a great show, thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello.
  5. Blatant Promotion: I'll be in booth 625, stop by and say hello!
  6. Lot's of good information is already posted in this forum, just do a search on the term "5000G" (without the quotes).
  7. These are measured weights using a digital shipping scale.
  8. Leave it to Eric to come up with the ideal combination The Storm 2750 has bumps in two corners to allow room for the wheels. The Storm Divider set is unpadded over these two bumps. Using the Pelican Divider set will not only lighten the setup but it will offer better protection in those two corners. Nice going Eric!
  9. There's been a lot of talk and a few articles lately about the Storm cases being much lighter than the respective Pelican cases. We checked specs in the catalogs and the published shipping weights and we could not come to a conclusion. So we decided to do a side by side test. We already stocked the Pelican 1624 (1620 with the Padded Divider Set) and we ordered the Storm 2750 Case with the Padded Divider Set. Here's what we found: Pelican 1620 Case Empty: 20 lbs. Storm 2750 Case Empty: 18.5 lbs Pelican 1624 Case (1620 with Padded Divider Set): 23.5 lbs Storm 2750 Case with Padded Divider Set: 25 lbs. The Pelican Case with the Padded Divider set is actually 1.5 lbs less than the Storm Case. In testing other Pelican vs Storm cases the same is holding true, the empty weight of the Storm Case is generally about one pound less than the Pelican. But the weight with the Padded Divider Set is actually higher with the Storm Case. One final comment, these are both great cases and I can easily recommend that you use either one. I like the locking latches and the wheels on the Storm Cases. I like the Padded Diver set better on the Pelican cases. The Pelican cases also offer more protection on the bottom of the case. So in the end the choice come down to a personal decision as to which case works for you. But as you can see the actual weight of the cases is not a realistic decision factor.
  10. Here's a Link to the B&H Web Site which shows the full line of Wein Safe Sync products. The inline PC version would be perfect for you and sells for only $49.95 US$. They also make a model that plugs directly into the AC type socket found in most studio strobes.
  11. Paul, The product already exists, it's called called the Wein Safe Synch and is available in Hot Shoe & PC types. It's available through many online photo retailers. Also as Ike mentioned earlier in this thread be careful of polarity even when wired directly to the PC socket, some strobes require the polarity to be reversed to fire properly.
  12. I don't think comparing the Oly 5050 to the Canon S60 is apples to apples. If you read the original posts in the link Rick posted you'll note that he's quite happy with his S60 system. I also have many, many happy customer's using the S50, S60 and S70 systems underwater.
  13. The focus assist light should be turned off when the camera is used in the housing. An external strobe and external focus assist light works best for macro work with this setup. For macro work the internal strobe (even with the diffuser) and the lens aren't looking at the same subject, the light from the internal strobe will light only a portion of the image area. And as you discovered auto focus in macro mode without an assist light is very difficult. Adding an external strobe and an external focus assist light will solve your problems.
  14. Somehting that's not quite clear in the Nikon D70 Firmware 2.0 Updgrade instructions: When copying the firmware to the memory card make sure to copy the "A" Firmware and "B" Firmware separately (or use two cards). If you copy both "A" and "B" Firmware to the card together then only the "B" Firmware will be updated.
  15. James is correct that they are the same thread size but the ULCS base adapters don't have the recessed area needed to use the TLC knobs. Kind of interesting Alex, I've sold thousands of the ULCS base adapters and I've only had to replace a few of these screws because folks lost them. You'd be the first I've heard of that's actually breaking the plastic handle off the screws. Ease up big guy finger tight is all that's needed to secure the arms.
  16. I gave jim a call and walked him through the replacement procedure. Hopefully he'll be posting a success story in a few minutes.
  17. Rob, Glad to help out with the battery contact tip. FYI, A smal strip of rubber about 1/8" thick is added under the contact tabs on the YS-120 battery caps to keep them from flattening out. In fact this is the only difference between the YS-120 battery cap and the YS-90's, YS-60 and YS-50. When replacement of the battery cap is necessary we always use the YS-120 type.
  18. The manual has not been updated in years, batt's up to 2400mah have been tested and work fine on this strobe. Try bending down the contacts on the battery cap, they flatten out easily. For more information see this post: Sea & Sea Battery Press Release
  19. FYI, It's the ready light pin that's causing these problems. I first started seeing erratic behavior with the Aquatica D70 housings and isolated the problem to the Ready light pin. I've since been removing this pin from D70 housings. I am not taping over the pins I'm actually removing them from the shoe connector. Leaving only the center synch contact and the ground contact.
  20. I believe we met at the Ocean Fest show. Nice job on the housing, I've seen many home made housings over the years, but this is some of the finest home craftsmanship I've seen.
  21. We have resolved the problem with this housing. I removed all pins from the shoe except for synch and ground and the problem disappeared. Truly bizarre, we would immerse the setup in a few inches of water and it would not write to the card. Removed the pins from the shoe and it worked perfect. Thanks Alex for posting this originally.
  22. Unfortunately the Video Out port on the DSLR's I'm familiar with only works in the Playback or Review mode not in the Image Capture or picture taking mode.
  23. According to Digideep there are only housing two housing "announcements" for the Digital Rebel XT (350D). So for now the choices are slim.
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