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  1. What Extension Ring are you using? The 18-70 DX lens used in the FE-2 Dome Port should be setup with the 20mm Extension Ring and no Diopter is necessary.
  2. I've seen many cases where a camera or strobe thought a perfectly good battery was dead. Depending on the origin / manufacturer of the battery there are slight differences in the length of the cell and more importantly differences in the internal resisitance of the cell. I've found that by matching the country of manufacture of the strobe or camera with the country of manufacture of the battery I get better battery performance. In other words if the strobe is made in Japan make sure the batteries are as well. HTH
  3. I haven't setup this lens in an Aquatica housing yet, but in a Subal we use a 70mm Extension Ring. HTH
  4. Now to give up all of our ages, Fred and I both worked for Sanford Camera Repair in the early 80's. That's where we met!
  5. As you can tell by the smile of his face Fred (the Wizard) and I (the Wizard in Training) had a great time at the BTS Show. Thanks to all who stopped by the Underwater Photo-Tech booth.
  6. All Canon Autofocus lenses are EF Lenses, USM stands for Ultrasonic Motor, the difference between a USM Lens and non USM is the motor design used to drive the focus mechanism. Typically a USM Lens will be quieter and faster than a non USM Lens. The two "Kit" lenses for the Digital Rebels (300 & 350) are the 18-55 and the 17-85, if the budget allows the 17-85 USM IS (Image Stabilizer) Lens is the better choice. But you will certainly get good results with the 18-55 as well.
  7. I thought your comments about Gates Housings warranted more than my personal opinion, the following reply is from John Ellerbrock, the owner of Gates Housings: "In this case it’s hard to address the finish issue without knowing more. Is it black or silver? Regardless we welcome the opportunity to make Scubadru a satisfied customer." "Regarding the balance, this is a problem with all manufacturers. Not that this is in an excuse, but when you add lights/monitor/ports it throws obviously changes the balance and trim of any housing. Again, we welcome get the opportunity to make it right." "One final note: we have planned into the FX1/Z1 a more flexible balance/trim setup, so I think users will like the ability to establish proper balance/trim regardless of their particular configuration. This becomes especially challenging for Gates as we offer quite a few options to suit the specific needs of each user/application. This is a strength of the Gates product as most professionals are somewhat particular with their equipment, and want it ‘just so’." John Ellerbrock, Gates Housings
  8. Either of the two cameras you mentioned will work well for you, but the A95 would be my pick for an housed underwater camera and a nice land based travel camera. It has full manual control and works well with an external stobe kit. It also runs on AA batteries. Other models you may wish to consider is the S60 or S70 Canon's they offer an Underwater White Balance mode and have the ability to save files in RAW format.
  9. We just received our shipment of CP-4 Housings from Nikon today. First impressions: Small, rugged case which has a much thicker wall constuction than the Canon WP cases, Metal control buttons with Enlarged buttons for Zoom Control and Shutter Release, Easy to use latch design with safety lever which must be pressed first before the latch can be opened, Rubber protector over the lens barrel section for abrasion protection. For External Strobe use the CP-4 housing will work well with the Sea & Sea YS-25 Auto Strobe Kit. I'm sure we'll be able to configure this housing with add-on lenses for wide angle and macro use as well.
  10. Alex, you were still the first and no one can take that away!
  11. Thanks James! As I was typing in "a first for Aquatica" I had the eerie feeling that I was forgetting one previous machined housing.
  12. I would detail the problems you've been having, a good Nikon tech will know exactly where to look.
  13. I have not discussed the shape of the D2X housing with Aquatica. The Subal housing is of course avaialble now but the Aquatica housing should be priced about $1,900 less.
  14. That post was made before Aquatica made is decision on the D2X fabrication. Both Blake and Norma from Aquatica have confirmed that the D2X will be a machined Aluminum housing. A first for Aquatica, but it will allow them to get their D2X housing to market sooner.
  15. The Aquatica D2X Housing will be a CNC Machined Aluminum Housing, it will not be cast.
  16. Hi TimG, The problem is most likely in the camera on the CP5000. The internal circuit board connectors in this camera are easily dislodged from vibration or minor impact. This causes all kinds of erratic problems that may become evident when housed or at depth. The CP5000 is capable of TTL so full communication between the camera and the strobe is necessary. A loose PCB (Printed Circuit Board) connector in the camera can cause problems when the hot shoe connector is attached and communication with the strobe is attempted and then fails. The end user tries troubleshooting the connections in the housing, synch cords and the strobe connector, when most likely the problem is in the camera.
  17. I would not recommend spraying anything in or near the camera. This includes anything that's connected to the camera such as the hot shoe connector. For an in-field repair a small amount of liquid silicone touched to the pin from a Q-tip is a valid technique to get you through a trip. Once you're back home the connector pins should be replaced to ensure the problem does not return.
  18. Spoke with Norma & Blake from Aquatica this past weekend, they hope for a July/August delivery for the new Nikon D2X Housing. As mentioned in another thread this will be a Machined Aluminum Housing.
  19. On the A100 the left synch bulkhead is wired for TTL (5 pin) and the right synch bulkhead is wired for manual strobes (3 pin). A loose or sticking contact pin in the hot shoe can certainly cause erratic behavior in the camera. I normally remove 2 of the pins from the hot shoe on these housings. Most likely you don't need to replace the entire bulkhead / hot shoe connector. You probably just need a couple of the pins replaced in the connector.
  20. The reason for the price difference between a D2X housing and a D70 housing has already been touched on in a post above. Profit on a housing is not determined on the sales of a single housing it's based on the anticipated production volume over time. As stated above there will never be as many D2X cameras used in underwater housings as D70 cameras. So the profit must be spread over a smaller production volume which requires a higher sales price.
  21. To correct some misinformation regarding the Gates FX1 Housing for the Sony HDFX1/Z1 and White Balance control: The buzz on the trade show floor at the Beneath the Sea show in New Jersey this past weekend was that the Gates FX1 housing does not allow access to the White Balance Control. In complete disbelief I called Pamela at Gates this morning to confirm what I had heard. To set the record straight the Gates FX1 does of course allow access to the White Balance control.
  22. We've been rebuilding these SB-104 battery packs with Ni-MH cells, however we have not tried AA cells. They cells we're using work fine with the SH-104 charger, just takes a little longer to charge.
  23. Need a few more facts to help isolate the problem: Did the camera have any problems when used on land? What housing and what strobe was used?
  24. Light & Motion called this morning, the C-7070 will be a new housing design and will not work in the 5060 housing as they had originally told us. The Tetra 7070 will be available in about four weeks. Now to figure out how to retract our ad in 10,000 mailed flyers
  25. Thanks Ryan! I just spoke with L&M, they are still looking into this and will confirm with me in the morning.
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