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  1. I can't confirm the Olympus case but the 7070 will fit in the Light & Motion Tetra 5060 Housing (now called the Tetra 5060/7070) without modification. L&M's 95 Degree Wide Angle Lens while not a "wet lens" works fantastic with the 5060 and I'm sure will be great with the 7070 as well. A super CUWA setup!
  2. The Sigma 12-24 will work with Subal Extension Rings. Ryan is correct that the hood will not pass through the extension ring but the lens will pass through. Here's the installation procedure: 1: Install the camera body onto the tray and place in housing 2: Install the Extension Ring onto the housing (40mm w/ 8" Dome) 3: Pass the lens through the extension ring and attach to the camera NOTE: This is done blind so you really need to be comfortable with lens installation. 4: Install the Dome Port In most cases a Zoom Gear is not necessary as the Zoom Drive on the housing will couple right against the Rubber Grip on the Lens Barrel. I completely agree with James, you will get much better results with the 8" Dome Port with this lens.
  3. Jen, are you looking for information on diopter lenses for macro work or for use with wide angle lenses to focus properly on the virtual image? If it's for macro work then the above posts will help you, if it's for a wide angle lens then we'd need to know the lens and port in question.
  4. Having been trained by Nikon on their AF-S lenses I learned these lenses from the inside out. The 70-200 coupled with the 1.7X is a great long lens system. The 80-400 is a great lens optically but it's early generation VR technology does not perform as well as the 70-200. Also the 80-400 auto focus is mechanically driven by the camera's AF motor and has to move the mass of the front lens group in and out. The 70-200 is an AF-S lens with internal focus, so it's built in motor has to move a smaller, lighter lens group a shorter distance. However like I said the 80-400 is a great lens optically and it's probably not fair to compare it with an AF-S IF lens with much newer technology. Hopefully we won't get carried away and start comparing it with the 200-400, now there's a nice long lens.
  5. Gates is shipping their housing for the Sony HDFX1/Z1 in a few weeks. Pamela Mertz from Gates shared our booth at the Boston Sea Rover's Show last weekend and displayed the Gates HDFX1 Prototype Housing for the first time anywhere. Gates lever based controls (as opposed to spring return push buttons) make this the housing of choice for deep diving videographers. This housing coupled with the fantastic Fathom Imaging optics and Green Force HID lights makes a truly professional quality HD Video system.
  6. The 10.5 Fisheye sets up the same as the 16 Fisheye 8" DP-FE2 Dome Port, No Extension Ring. No Diopter is required or possible for that matter.
  7. This is most likely due to the engagement tabs on the MSC drive gear being worn. You've got too much play at the control lever. Just one screw holds it in place and there is no timing involved. I should have the gear in stock.
  8. If the Subal Housing was designed in 2004 or later then it can be setup with the GS Finder. But Subal is only installing in new housing purchases, they don't have enough GS Finders available for retrofit's at this time. This will of course change once more GS Finders are avaialble. We have been surprised by the demand for this finder. We expected D2H/X and EOS 1DS/MARK II customers to want the finder, but many D70 & 20D customers are ordering the finder as well.
  9. This housing is being sold by one of my customers. I serviced this housing last fall and it has not been used since, it's in pristine conditon. It was taken on their recent trip to indonesia but only as a backup. So it's well travelled but not heavily used. They use Light & Motion Titan D100's as their main housings. I would not worry about not getting a two year warranty. We are the USA Warranty Service Center for Subal. The only warranty issues we've seen have been for minor design changes on newly released housings.
  10. I voted for the removable tray design ala Sea & Sea, Subal and my favorite being the tray design of the Light & Motion Titan D100. As I spend most of my day assembling and disassembling these housings I've found the removable tray design the easist and fastest to setup. Especially useful for battery changes.
  11. A couple of comments: You can reach the on/off swith by reaching in through the port opening. While not a good idea in the water at least you don't have to remove the camera from the housing when you forget to turn it on. There is no problem with leaving the camera in the on position for an indefinite amount of time. The camera goes into a "sleep" or "stand-by" mode within a few seconds (as set in the CSM menu). The difference in battery consumption is only a few micro-amps in stand-by mode as compared to the off position.
  12. I have a customer with a Subal D10 housing for sale. Get in touch with me and I can send you the contact information.
  13. Some input from the camera repair side of the business. The 60/28 Nikon lens is superior in optical quality, mechanical quality and af speed. The Sigma 50mm is a very good lens optically, but very poor quality mechanically. After moderate use this lens as well as many other Sigma AF lenses will develop a raspy noise from the focus mechanism and then get progressively slower and slower in af speed. Assuming price is not the determining factor I'd recommend the Nikon lens.
  14. We received our first Aquatica 20D housings this week. The silver paint looks awesome and the new plastic knobs and release lever work great.
  15. Hi Folks, Just wanted to give an update of our opinions of the Jonah Housings. The Jonah extension ring problem has been resolved. The rings have been redisigned and are now of anodized aluminum construction to handle the weight and size of the dome port. The overall quality of the housings is improving greatly as the design evolves with higher emphasis on quality control. Control Alignment issues have been resolved as well as some wiring issues on the Canon. The housings for the Nikon D100 and the Canon EOS 10D now function well and we're looking forward to the Canon 300D Housing later this month. Mr. Kim of Jonah Housings has be very reponsive to our intitial concerns ont these housings. Because of his efforts to improve the desgn we have decided to continue our relationship with Jonah. A special thank you goes to Yeang Ch'ng who was patient with us while we worked through the many issues with his Canon 10D housing. Because of his patience and the cooperation of Mr. Kim at Jonah we can now comfortably recommend the Jonah Housings.
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