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  1. We showed this housing in our booth at BTS. Perhaps the best housing yet from Aquatica! Great control designs, especially the new notched engagement of the main command dial (normally shutter speed). Self aligning AF area control AND access to the Flash Mode control! New removable tray design (locks in place just like the Canon 5D). A real winner!
  2. As I mentioned in a previous post the Subal FP-120 port is the correct port length wise for the Nikon 105 VR lens BUT the port will not mount on the housing with this lens installed. The control panel on the side of the 105 VR sticks out far enough to prevent the port from being installed on the housing.
  3. For hands-on training, if the budget allows, book a trip with one of the Wetpixel sponsors. Marty Snyderman & Bonnie Pelnar offer a great series of online courses at: http://www.theunderwaterphotographer.com/ If you'd like to sample one of their courses for free, compliments of Underwater Photo-Tech of course, we can help you there: http://www.theunderwaterphotographer.com/UPT.html If you happen to be in the New England area on April 30th, we are hosting Marty Snyderman for a full day seminar on underwater photography, information and the sign-up form are here: http://www.uwphoto.com/marty_photo_class.html
  4. Hi Luiz, As I'm sure you already have macro ports for your housing, they could be machined to allow room to clear the control panel on the side of the 105VR lens. FYI, The control panel sticks out so far that I had to pull back on the zoom control knob to that the drive cog did not hit the lens. I have already sent photos to Subal!
  5. Like a kid in a candy store... Today we got in our first 105VR Lens and our first Subal housing for the D200, by total coincidence we had a D200 body here as well! The 105 VR will setup the same as the original 105 lens, it's too long to work with the standard macro ports on the Subal and Sea & Sea housings I tested it on today. The real bad news: The 105VR is sooo wide that I could not mount the port onto the Subal D200 housing. It will require modification to the inner barrel on the port to mount properly. I'll be sending photos off to Subal so they can decide how to handle this problem. I did some more focus tests with this lens and found the lens to be very fast, just at it behaved at the PMA show. Here's a couple of photos of the 105VR compared to the 60/2.8 and the lens mounted in the Subal D200 housing.
  6. I talked with Al yesterday, he had a great time being used as "bait" on the trip!
  7. I use this same backpack, I highly recommend it!
  8. White vinegar on a q-tip to clean out the corrosion, let is soak for a while if necessary. Then follow up with denatured alcohol to clean out the white vinegar.
  9. We manufacture a Shoe Mount Plate that can work with the S&S Shoe Arm with a minor modification to the Shoe Arm. The plate mounts to one of the two holes on the top of the Aquatica housing and it sells for $9.95. Two sides of the shoe plate on the S&S arm have to be ground down slightly to fit our shoe.
  10. For my 1:1 test shots I was using the raised (non-colored) text on the top of a white water bottle cap. Focus lock was quite fast even for this very low contrast target. I also tried many mid-range and distant shots, focus lock was fast and consistant.
  11. I tried two of these lenses at the PMA show as well, one on a D200 and one on a D2X. I found the lens to be fast to focus and locked focus easily even on low contrast subjects. I could not detect any difference in the focus ability with this lens on the D200 or the D2X.
  12. As Stu mentions we can machine the S&S adapter ring to allow you to use the this lens with many housings. Send me a PM with your housing model and I can let you know if it's possible and give you a price.
  13. We sell an u/w tripod that consists of the ULCS tripod clamp and 3 (old style) TLC 15" or 20" upper arms. I've attached a photo.
  14. The original batch from Sea & Sea had a problem with paint peeling on the back 1/2 of the housing. The housing should be returned to the company you purchased it from for replacement.
  15. Hi Chris, Good to see you on Wetpixel, looks like you've been busy with posting!
  16. Like the other Wetpixel sponsors our customer base is world wide. Only a small portion of our business is walk-in retail. We support our customer's via phone, email and through the online forums. Actually in many cases regardless of whether they are our customer or not. Again like the other sponsors here we exhibit and attend virtually all of the dive related trade shows and offer photo related dive travel and workshops. There are many, many ways that you can get the support you need on the products you wish to purchase.
  17. Settings for your Canon IXUS 750 with the Sea & Sea YS-15 Auto Strobe attached. Camera Settings: Set the Exposure Mode Dial to M (Manual on Shooting Mode Dial) Set the Flash to Always Fire (Broken Arrow Only Flash / Up Button) Press the FUNC Button and set: White Balance to Auto (AWB) ISO to 100 Flash Output to Lowest Setting Resolution to L (Largest) Press the MENU button and set: Red Eye OFF AF Assist Beam OFF Digital Zoom OFF Review (time) 10 Seconds Save Settings Sea & Sea YS-15 Auto Strobe Settings: Power Switch set to "2" Shooting Procedure: Press Shutter Button down slowly until the Indicator Lights next to the Viewfinder are Lit. Camera is now in Focus and Flash is Ready to fire. When the shot is composed as you like press down fully on the Shutter Button. NOTE: Use Macro Mode if you can't focus on something that's very close. Remember to position your strobe to light the subject fully and never aim the strobe parallel with the lens. If you require any additional assistance I'd be glad to help out.
  18. Andi, I had a customer come into the store who is a PADI Instructor. He had the new U/W Digital Photo Course book with him. I only had a few minutes to browse the book but was very impressed with what I saw.
  19. It actually could be either the 4 Pin Sea & Sea type or the 5 Pin Nikonos type. There are many, many YS-60/S strobes out there that have been converted to the Nikonos 5 Pin type by service centers or by Tabata USA. In fact we have quite a few of them in stock. So... If you have the 5 Pin cord on your strobe then it can be used with a Nikon D200 in Manual Mode or in TTL mode if there is conversion circuitry in the housing.
  20. As Richard mentions if cleaning the sync socket pins did not bring it back to fully functioning condition then the sync bulkheads should be replaced. We have them in stock and can pressure test and function test the system after replacement. We can also supply you with the bukhead assembly if you're comfortable with replacing them yourself.
  21. Hey Chris, We have them in stock, send me a PM and I'll get you pricing and shipping costs.
  22. This has been covered in other threads before but most of the currently available housings can have an ITTL or ETTL Conversion circuit board installed. We at Underwater Photo-Tech and the folks at Reef Photo & Video are offering this service. Some of the other Wetpixel sponsors may offer this as well. Camera and Strobe compatibility information can be found here: Camera & Strobe TTL Compatibility List Click on the camera model in the list to find out which strobes work best.
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