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  1. The current word on the Sea & Sea YS-110 Strobes from Tabata USA is an ETA of April 10th and a retail price of $550.
  2. IF you have a dual sync aquatica S2 housing AND the TTL version of the sync sockets (all five pins connected from the shoe to the left sync bulkhead) then the left sync socket (viewed from the rear) should work with your SB-105, the right sync socket is wired for manual strobes.
  3. Canon Tech Bulletin TB 012606 — SD card capacities Maximum SD card size: 2GB EOS-1D Mark II N Digital SLR While all versions of the EOS-1D Mark II series (including EOS-1Ds Mark II) have been able to routinely work with large-capacity Compact Flash cards, there is an issue with the smaller SD type memory cards affecting all of these cameras. SD memory cards larger than 2GB WILL NOT work in any EOS-1D series camera. This includes the recently introduced 4GB SD cards that are now coming onto the market. The basic reason for this is that among SD card manufacturers, there is industry-wide standardization on how data is accessed on cards 2GB and smaller. However, for whatever reason(s), this has not happened (to date) with SD cards larger than 2GB. And apparently, there are differences in how the data is accessed on these cards. This can cause irregular operation. Some additional points for Canon staff, dealer sales people, and end-users to be aware of: • Current EOS digital SLR's — EOS 5D, EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1D-1D Mark II N (and EOS-1D Mark II), EOS 20D, and Digital Rebel XT — have been tested with Compact Flash cards of 6GB and 8GB sizes, and these have performed without problems. • SD cards up to 2GB in size have worked reliably. However, as stated above, SD cards of 4GB will not work, as of January 2006. • Microdrives up to 8GB have been tested on these cameras, and have passed Canon, Inc's test procedures. • Seagate 8GB Photo Drives (similar to Microdrives): With EOS 20D or Digital Rebel XT cameras running latest firmware, these cards can perform very slowly. Seagate is aware of this issue, and is expected to upgrade the driver firmware for the cards at some point in the future. Customers should be directed to check Seagate's web site, or to contact Seagate if they have on-going problems. High-capacity CF cards were not commercially available for testing when older EOS cameras were in development. Accordingly, Canon recommends CF cards of 4GB or less with the following cameras: EOS-1Ds EOS 10D Original EOS Digital Rebel (problems can occur with 4GB Microdrives) Finally, please note that original EOS-1D, D30, and D60 were not FAT32 compatible, and therefore must be used with 2GB or smaller CF cards. January 26, 2006 Product Support & Market Education Department
  4. I've had XM for over a year now and love it. I have the My-Fi Radio and use it at home, work, in the car and on walks and bike rides. I record 5 hours worth of music automatically each evening and listed to that when it's attached to me, as the personal antenna does not work particularly well when mobile. At this time, you can't go wrong with either Sirius or XM, just pick the radio that works best for you and the provider with the stations you'll most listen to.
  5. We're being told that they'll arrive by the end of this month as well. The housing will use some of the new control and tray design ideas that were first used in the Nikon D2X housing.
  6. Using the Heinrichs Weikamp circuitry we can add iTTL for Nikon or eTTL for Canon to most any housing. This can be done when the housing is purchased or to a housing you already own. Contact us privately for pricing and other information.
  7. All funny stuff folks, as I laugh away and tried to explain... Everyone a work now knows I am a complete GEEK!
  8. This may be over simplifying, but I believe it's to "call Spock". You may need to be a Star Trek fan to get that one!
  9. Wish I could go with you Al, but Fred is off to the Boot Show until the 6th of February, so I'm stuck here.
  10. From Jack & Sue's web site, the dates for the above event are: May 6 - 13, 2006
  11. I've never seen the main o-ring fail but I have seen cracked cases or more commonly leaking through the sync cord o-ring. Have also seen the sync sockets forced and loosened on occasion.
  12. If sound quality is an important factor you may wish to consider the Sony A1U HD camcorder. It's the professional version of the Sony HC1. Both Gates and Light & Motion (and most likely other's I'm not aware of) offer housings for this camcorder. However, the Gates housing offers more control options.
  13. Gee David, I sure hope you feel better now that you've got this out of your system. Looks like you were about ready to pop!
  14. This has been covered in previous threads, but the correct extension ring for the 10-22 lens is 18461. A +2 diopter lens will also help with your corner softness. I'd try the +2 diopter lens before replacing the extension ring.
  15. Just what I thought it would be, glad to help out!
  16. Alex is correct, it will depend on the dealer, their volume and their relationship with Subal. We anticipated the demand and placed a large order when the D200 was first announced.
  17. Just got the parts in from Matthias today, but we won't have time to "play" with this until next week. I'll be sure to post the results here.
  18. See the following thread on DigitalDiver.net: http://www.digitaldiver.net/yabbse/index.p...art=0#msg154462
  19. Rand and James are right on track. Error 99 is Canon's general communications error. In most cases the error is caused by a connection problem with an external device such as a lens or a strobe (flash). It can also be caused by an internal mechanism not completing it's function such as a shutter unit or mirror mech. In your case it's most likely corrosion in the hot shoe connector, the connector board, the sync sockets or the cabling. The shoe and connector board are easily removed and disassembled for cleaning or inspection, so I'd start there.
  20. Our Nikon sales rep came in today and I got to spend some more time with the D200. I took a couple of shots with the full sun in the top left corner using the 18-200 at the widest setting. I was really impressed, the sun area was not completely blown out and had a great ray pattern, the midground and forground areas were still properly exposed. The menu system looks very much like the D2X. The 18-200 was very impressive with lightning fast AF. No word on the next allocation, he said it may be the kits with the 18-70 next.
  21. You didn't make our first allocation, however if you have a Nikon NPS Number I can switch you into the professional allocation and get it from Nikon quicker. Send me a PM with your NPS Number if you have one. If you don't have an NPS Number you can get one here: Nikon Pro NPS Page
  22. Happy Birthday Eric! Enjoy the get together and say hello to Al for me!
  23. Hi Terry, I checked with Fred (the Wizard) and Kelly (the Keeper of all Information) here at UWPT and none of us has seen the blue Subal o-rings. It may be that they considered a color change when they went to the "new" (about five years ago) design. FYI, all of the new ports and extension rings are designated with a /3 suffix on the package. Thanks for dinner in Florida, I was honored to be your official show chauffeur!
  24. Blue O-Ring? Sounds like you may have a Sea & Sea o-ring on there!
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