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  1. Thanks Luiz! <advertisement>Actually we're a full line dealer for both Canon and Nikon.</advertisement>
  2. Blatant Plug: How about considering one of your Wetpixel Sponsor's both Backscatter and us at Underwater Photo-Tech are Nikon Dealer's.
  3. But as the technology evolves this will be a fantastic tool. Imagine being able to work at mid-range apertures, where the lenses typically perform bettery optically, yet still get maximum depth of field. You have the best of both worlds, great optical performance and hyperfocal distance. B)
  4. Sorry, no thanks! He already owns the camera system, just looking for a housing.
  5. The 1/2" Loc-Line works well with this light. The 3/4" will also work well but you may need to add a stainless flat washer between the 90 degree section and the light. I consider this product to be a Focus Assist Light and not a Photo or Video Light source. It provides a 2 foot flat/even beam at a 3 foot distance.
  6. A good friend of the company is looking for an Aquatica RZ-67 Housing System for the Mamiya RZ-67 Medium Format camera. If you've got one for sale please send me a PM.
  7. Thanks Luiz and James! My part in this process is the lens/port recommendation which I think we've established. I've passed on a link to this thread to the photographer so he can read your comments on the procedure and tools.
  8. The R1C1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight Kit with the SU-800 will sell for $679.95 and the R1 (same kit less the SU-800) will sell for $429.95
  9. I really hope you're right on this one, I'd love to see the Titan D200! I'm reasonably sure they'd redesign the dome port to accomodate the 10.5 lens.
  10. After getting a search recommendation from James I found a decent photo of the square frame setup, here's a link to the page: http://www.hawaii.edu/ssri/hcri/am/coral_monitoring.htm
  11. We got our pricing from Nikon this morning, retail MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is $1,699.95. The 18-200 AF-S DX VR lens will retail for $699.95.
  12. Thanks for your thoughts Paul, it seems like we've come to similar conclusions. I was aware of the potential for chromatic aberation problems but felt they would be minimal with the 35mm lens as it's effectively a 52.5mm lens on the D2X. I ruled out a dome port for the same reasons you've mentioned. I will pass on your comments on the image processing, lighting and of the RRS panorama tripod head. Which by coincidence is on my personal shopping list at the moment.
  13. First, thanks to each of you for the replies. James, although I recall this being discussed previously I can't find any posts (other than this one) that discuss T-Head's or Square Frame's. Can you point me at some more information or other posts so I can make a recommendation? This photographer is new to the underwater world but is well known above. To control lighting and perspective on land he has used 100's of images to make up his panoramic shots. The camera and housing choice was made by the photographer.
  14. I'm setting up a Subal D2X system for a research project. Reef sections will be photographed and then stitched into a Panoramic image. For this particular project it's important that there be no curvature to the field and subject size must be uniform from forground to background. I'm thinking of setting this system up with a 35/2.0 AF-D lens and a Subal FP-68 flat port, but I'd like to hear other thoughts and suggestions. For land based studies this photographer normally uses a 50/1.4 AF-D lens and wishes to get similar results underwater.
  15. Use the FREE Pixmantec Raw Shooter Essentials (RSE) for your raw file adjustments and then bring the files into PS as .tif's. Here's a link to RSE: http://pixmantec.com/products/rawshooter_essentials.html
  16. I spend my day experimenting with attaching things, just ask James Wiseman about my Target Light display at the Seaspace show in Houston! http://wetpixel.com/images/includes/seaspa...153856_1970.htm But seriously all you'll need to add an LED 44 light onto a lockline arm is a 90 Degree Elbow section. Cut off the male end of the elbow and drill a hole through this same end the same diameter of the mounting screw supplied with the LED 44 light. Pass the mounting screw through the hole you just drilled and use the supplied wing nut to secure the light. You may want to change the wing nut to a self locking type or use a stainless lockwasher.
  17. Your welcome, as Luiz previously posted, you can view the full presentaton here: http://www.christianmusicianradio.com/d200/
  18. Send me a PM with the types and number of products you'll be selling and I can make a more specific recommendation. In the meantime here's some to consider: Yahoo Stores: http://store.yahoo.com Zen Cart: http://www.zen-cart.com/modules/frontpage/ X-Cart: http://www.x-cart.com/ Lite Commerce: http://www.litecommerce.com/ Miva Merchant: http://smallbusiness.miva.com/ Shopsite: http://www.shopsite.com/
  19. Good tip Kasey! On the Titan D100 Housing this would be accomplished by pressing and holding (for 3 seconds) the Main/- button & the Flash L/R/Off button simultaneously on the Left Grip. On the Right Grip it's the Sub/- and the Focus buttons. Reprogramming one grip does not reverse the function of the other grip. Reversing the functions of Main and Sub Command dials of the D100 camera itself is also possible using Custom Function 13. This is useful if only the shutter speed and aperture functions need to be accessed and you've got a dead grip
  20. I prefer to work directly with the code so I use Macromedia's Homesite: http://www.macromedia.com/software/homesite/ For those who prefer a template based approach, I'd recommend NetObjects Fusion: http://www.netobjects.com/ or for the best of both worlds Macromedia's Dreamweaver with Homesite: http://www.macromedia.com/software/dreamweaver/
  21. My converted Tiff's opened in PS (7.0) look identical to the adjusted NEF's in RSP 2006. I'd like to see the results of your tests Eric and see what we're doing differently. However, I do notice a flat look to the converted Tiff's when I view them with Irfanview.
  22. I found Wetpixel through your affiliation with Digideep.com in January of 2004.
  23. I just wish the Magnifier Tool would work on the thumbnail images as well. I saw this feature in Aperture and loved it. I posted this as a feature request on the Pixmantec forum.
  24. Kind of funny! It looks like they are in the design process of this stuff. Some links don't work, some features are not described yet. But I managed to get a couple of screen grabs in case this page disappears.
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