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  1. We've received no official notification that the WP-CP4's have been discontinued but we have had them on back order since August. They have been extremely difficult to obtain since their introduction in the spring. Get a shipment, months of back orders, get a shipment and back ordered once again. The CP 5900 has been discontinued so that leaves only the CP 7900 for this housing and it's life will soon be coming to an end as well. We do have stock on the WP-CP3's and WP-CP5's.
  2. Hi James, Thanks for bringing that up! I checked that as well and the Hartenberger strobes had only an 8 Volt trigger voltage which is perfectly safe for Nikon DSLR's.
  3. Hi Alex, I too was puzzled having this problem with only the sync and ground wires connected. FYI, I forgot to mention that this customer has two ND2 housings and D2X cameras, the problem happened with both housings and both cameras. The only common factor between them was the Hartenberger strobes. I added the isolated PC connection into one of his housings for now to see if this solves the problem. He's on a two week assignment now and will be in touch once he returns. I will of course post my final findings on this problem, but my feeling is there is a feedback sensitivity problem in the Hartenberger strobes. Another FYI, there's no need to cut wires on the Subal housings to remove hot shoe connections. Simply remove the three cover screws on the top of the hot shoe and then the two circuit board screws inside the shoe. Lift out the circuit board, there will be brass springs soldered to this board. Then remove the Chrome Pins from the shoe for the connections you'd like to isolate. We normally leave only the Center X-Sync pin installed and supply the rest to the customer in a zip-lock bag in case they'd ever like to use those connections for an ITTL or ETTL setup.
  4. Just had a weird problem with a Subal ND2 Housing, Nikon D2X Camera and Dual Hartenberger Stobes. A customer experienced a problem with this setup on a recent shoot. With both strobes wired to the housing with single sync cords, the strobes would not fire at power levels below -3 (they range from 0 to -5). Using a single strobe worked fine, as soon as any second strobe (regardless of brand), the Hartenberger strobe would not fire below the -3 power level. He was able to get through the assignment by using the second strobe in slave mode. Our customer tried the same strobe setup with a housed Nikon D70 and they worked without problem. In an attempt to avoid potential problems we had already removed all but the x-sync and ground connections from the hot shoe. Yet this problem persisted! While considering options to correct the problem (diodes did not work) I remembered a post by Wetpixel member Paul Kay. I used his recommendation and added a PC connection to the Left Sync Bulkhead and isolated it from the Hot Shoe connection. The PC Socket and the Hot Shoe are isolated in the Nikon D2X camera. Our customer is off on his next two week assignment tomorrow, hopefully we have solved the problem. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced problems with Hartenberger strobes when used with the D2X.
  5. That's the Help button, it offers more information on a Menu Function.
  6. The S&S 16mm or 20mm can be used with the WP-DC 40. You'll need the S&S DC300 Conversion ring which must be machined to fit the DC 40 Housing. You'll also need to zoom out beyond the 35mm zoom postion in order to avoid the vignetting effect. We can supply and machine the conversion ring for you if you're interested.
  7. I have Sea & Sea's and Subal's on hand, they are: Sea & Sea: 36.91cm Subal: 35.97cm I checked Light & Motion's as well but it tapers from 35.2cm to 35.7cm If you don't get the answer elsewhere I can check the Aquatica port in a few days. Send me a PM.
  8. Nikon Capture 4.3.1 adresses the speed issues, specifically the loading of the RAW files.
  9. The 60 & the 105 af macro lenses are f/2.8 at infinity but are both f/5.0 lenses at 1:1. The slower af response on the 105 is due to the physical contraints of the lens not the light transmission to the af sensor. Because of the greater mass of the 105 lens it does not respond as quickly as the 60 and therefore will generate af errors in more situations. Which is why manual focus gears or a good focus lock technique is necessry with the 105 lens. IMHO the added working distance at 1:1 which also makes it a great lens for super macro work closer than 1:1 more than make up for it's af weakness. The AF works well on the 60 and it's a great lens for fish portraits down to 1:1, so both lenses deserve a place in your u/w camera kt.
  10. I think Paul is correct in his diagnosis of this problem. Once the threads are pried out of the Subal plastic mount plate I'd recommend replacement with the all aluminum plate manufactured by ULCS.
  11. Is this just a Ball Adapter (AD-6MM) mounted to the top of the housing? Can you post a photo so I can get a better idea of what's causing the problem?
  12. Electronic flash units (strobes) do not contain filament based bulbs and do not "burn out". They use Tubes which contain a xenon gas which glows when exited with a high (about 300) voltage. These tubes rarely if ever need replacement unless physically damaged. Most likely your problem is in the power connections or an oscillation circuit component. Interestingly over the years of repairing photographic equipment I've noted a direct correlation between the finding of impact, sand or liquid damage and the owner's claim that it never happened.
  13. Here you go: Southern Photo Technical Service 2275 South Federal Hwy. #360 Delray Beach, Florida 33483 Phone: (561) 272-2306 Fax: (561) 272-9681 Southern Photo Technical Service 16781 North Miami Ave North Miami Beach, Florida 33169 Phone: (305) 653-7355 Fax: (305) 653-7356 http://www.sp-ts.com/
  14. Repair of this equipment should be no problem for a Nikon Authorized Service Center. I have a couple of friends that own shops (two locations, same ownership) in North Miami Beach and Delray Beach. I can post their contact information if you're interested.
  15. The * Button technique is a great tool on Canon SLR's. FYI for you Nikon D2X(H) shooters, the AE/AF Lock Button can be re-programmed from the Menu to allow the same function as the Canon * Button. In other words focus can be removed from the Shutter (Release) Button and set to the AE/AF Lock Button. On Subal Housing the Thumb Lever on the rear shell then becomes your focus control.
  16. Actually, the retail price of $1499 is MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), the MSRP is $2200. Circuit City is well within the Canon pricing structure for this item. MAP pricing is setup to maintain a level playing field. If you sell lower than MAP then you lose Co-Op advertising dollars from the manufacturer. The Dell price is hundreds of dollars below dealer net price so there has to be a catch.
  17. It's actually an eye cup and should be in a small zip lock bag that was included with your housing. Most of our customer's call after receiving their housing and ask what the "rubber thing" is. I normally put this bag in with your grease, hex wrenches and spare o-rings. But Fred setup your housing so I'm not sure how he packaged things. I also agree with Ryan and others that you may prefer the ULCS handles. Let me know if you'd like to purchase them.
  18. Comared to the S70, it uses SD cards instead of CF and the RAW file format has been removed.
  19. Fantasea will also have a strobe case available this fall for the Nikon SB-800. As you can see in the attached photo it's a clear case that allows the strobe head to be in it's normal position. The infrared transmitter and receiver are also facing forward and should work in wireless ITTL mode.
  20. Let me know where you're located and I'd be glad to recommend a Nikon Authorized Service Center for you.
  21. Marc is using a Fiber Optic cord for the infrared communication between the two strobes. Hopefully this will overcome the inherent problems of infrared signal loss underwater. I'm sure they'll be some trial and error testing in getting the diameter of the fiber optic cord correct.
  22. Marc has designed and built his own housings for the D2X and the SB-800
  23. The Subal housing works perfectly with the D70 or D70s and the GS Finder is a highly recommended option.
  24. A friend of mine runs a web site with some great information on cleaning digital slr camera sensors. It's located here: http://www.cleaningdigitalcameras.com/
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