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  1. Understood. If you do change your mind and are willing to split, please let me know. Thanks! Mike
  2. Hi mjrovner: A couple of questions: 1. Where are you located (country)? 2. would you be will to sell just 1 of the YS-D1? Thanks! Mike (WetPixel username mchalup)
  3. Trying to get a few fill-in Ultra Light arm pieces to configure a second U/W system for my wife. I know folk normally hold on to their Ultra Light arms forever (I bought my first 23 years ago) and they never wear out, but will give it a try. Cosmetics unimportant, just as long as arms can still be clamped. Pieces needed: Qty 3 8" arms Qty 3 16" arms Qty 1 2 ball clamp (original or improved) US only please. Thanks and Good Diving! Mike
  4. Yes, after poking around E-Bay I realized that the price for a good used 105mm f2.8 Micro Nikkor (older AF-D) didn't exceed by a whole lot the quote from Nikon for the cost of repair (which was ~$160 USD). There is at least one extenuating circumstance that does make me prefer a repair versus replacement; having a lens gear that XIT404 very graciously custom made for this particular optic when the stock version was tight enough to bind up the helicoid barrel. The cost of the gear is probably ~equal to the value of the lens. What I really would like to answer is whether the poor focus sharpness of the 105mm at 1:1 reproduction ratio is due to actual lens damage or is a hard limit of its optical performance? Using the D800 body, I've seen a similar performance issue with an older zoom, but not with any of my other prime lens. Compared to the my 60mm Micro Nikkor (of newer vintage; also focused for 1:1 reproduction ratio and both at f22), the image sharpness is definitely inferior for the 105mm (different depths of field taken into account). See if can get any traction with Photo Tech in New York. If not, probably down for a newer 105mm f2.8 Micro VR ED optic along with another focus gear. After several decade of U/W photography, you'd think I'd stop trying to save money at this point... Thanks, Mike
  5. OK, good reference for Photo Tech. My initial checks didn't indicate an independent Nikon repair center that would work on Nikkor lens, but worth a try. Thanks and good diving!
  6. I have an (older, non-VR) 105mm f2.8 Micro Nikkor AF-D lens that needs servicing; optic is not giving sharp focus at 1:1 reproduction ratio (at least imaging using a D800 sensor) After initially contacting Nikon US Customer Service and providing images to demonstrate the problem, they recommended sending the lens in for servicing. Unfortunately, once received and based on serial number, Nikon stated that the lens was 'grey market' (for the United States), and that unless I could submit documentation that it was purchased outside of this country, they could not perform any service. Given that I bought the lens new 18-19 years ago, and no longer have any documents, nor recollection from whom it was obtained and whether it was 'grey market' or not, I'm now stuck. Before I toss this lens on the scrap heap (along with its customized XIT404 focus ring - ouch!), is there any non-Nikon service in the US that someone would recommend? Thanks for your input! Mike (who enjoys a day imaging on the bottom of Monterey Bay)
  7. Am looking for a spare NiMH battery pack for the Hartenberger Mini Compact dive light (halogen bulb). Unfortunately, recent changes in international shipping regulations regarding NiMH batteries make it prohibitively expensive to import a new pack from Hartenberger in Germany (cannot use German postal service and air shipment quote is Euro 120). Does anyone in US/Canada have a spare battery pack that still takes a normal amp/hr charge? Thanks! Mike
  8. Does anyone have a Sea and Sea NX Standard or Custom Flat Port available? Does not need to be 'mint' but must work OK and have no major scratches on the port glass. Thanks! Mike e-mail: mr_fish@virtual.net
  9. Dear Shott: Sounds good at $250 (plus we assume some shipping). Contact me at mr_fish@virtual.net so we can arrange specifics. Thanks! Mike
  10. Assuming the clamps are functionally OK (not stripped, bent, etc.), yes I would be interested in purchasing all 4 clamps for $50. Cheers! Mike e-mail: mchalup@virtual.net
  11. Is the G10 housings still available? Will make you an offer of $350 and will pay shipping. Cheers! mr_fish Mike Chalup e-mail: mchalup@virtual.net
  12. In case you dont sell on E-Bay, drop me a line - interested in just one YS90-DX - mchalup@virtual.net Cheers! Mike
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