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  1. It looks like I see significant vignetting on that UWL-04 on the Ike, you are loosing a good bit of field by having to zoom in with that lens, still useful but the vignetting is a bummer. JR
  2. I covered that here for the most part. http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/forum/vi...?f=22&t=264 Just a few shots, before I broke my leg and had to cancel most of my diving for 2010. James
  3. The S90 shutter lag is .44sec in full auto focus and only .088 in pre-focus mode. A 24mm lens like the LX5 behind a flat port is hardly wide and shows considerable edge distortion and even color fringing. As well, the S90/S95 can utilize a wide variety of accessory lenses depending upon housing chosen, the LX, not so much. JR
  4. I find the Canon S90 quite fast and responsive. If you need faster response then go to manual focus and zone focus with the fisheye lenses. They have so much depth of field perfect focus for a given distance is not required. of course, a dSLR is faster but really, I have not found this to be much of an issue with this particular camera. James
  5. A 24mm through a flat port shows the typical edge distortions and reduced FOV due to refraction. Nice camera but it would be better for wide angle with a mounted accessory lens like the Fisheye UWL-04.
  6. I cannot help you with the movie thing since I am a photographer, not a cinematographer. For photography I like to shoot in Av mode and with your S2000 you would set it to sTTL. Your other useful option is Manual mode on the camera and on the strobe. I like to turn off all "safety' functions, turn off red eye reduction, turn off the focus light, turn off the I contrast, turn of the Safety AE and safety focus features, turn the IS to Shoot Only. Set for RAW files and do your color balance in the Canon photo software delivered with the camera. Good luck with your new camera. James
  7. Neither the Canon nor the Ikelite have the rear control dial, the FIX will if and when there is a housing. Yes, IMO, it is a huge deal, the camera is crippled without the rear control ring direct access and the S button BS is just that, BS. To do the work around, you have to press and hold the S button and manipulate the other buttons and it is all a PITA without the ring control. You say she will add a strobe (400 to 700 dollars) and a wide angle lens (around 400 to 500 dollars) and she will then need a tray and arms and optical cable etc (250 dollars) so are we sure we are really saving any money vs frustration with the Ikelite vs the FIX? James
  8. What is your wide angle set up with that housing? What wide angle lens do you use? Could you post some photos taken with the wide angle lens installed?
  9. Canon S90, Fisheye/FIX90 housing, FIX 52mm lens port adapter, Fisheye UWL-04 fisheye wide angle lens, dual Inon D2000, UCLS tray if you cannot build your own. The S90 when properly configured has a fast shutter, a fast lens, RAW and the FIX90 housing is superb and worth every cent. That is the number one choice, nothing in the class comes close to the capability and versatility of this camera and housing, at least until FIX releases a housing for the new S95 (??????). If it is wide angle you want, this is the ticket: See this thread: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/forum/vi...?f=22&t=264 My second choice would be the Canon G11 in the FIXG11 housing with the FIX wide port lens and my third choice would be the DX-2G with the Fisheye UWL-04 adapted to the camera per: http://forum.scubatoys.com/gear-informatio...uestions-30896/ James
  10. The long ratio 7X zoom ratio lens will make it difficult if not impossible to use external accessory lenses, bummer. Nice looking camera though, too bad on the long zoom lens.
  11. My Fisheye UWL-04 lens does not vignette with my FIX90/Canon S90 rig when at 28mm. Sometimes, at wide apertures, f2.0 for example, there may be a hint of vignetting in the upper rh corner, easily dealt with in PS or other programs. I have posted many photos showing various Inon lenses and the Fisheye UWL-04 against a target and set distance and at various zoom ratios required to eliminate vignetting. here for example and there is another in the huge, long FIX90 thread on scubaboard: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/forum/vi...?f=22&t=264 Your camera choice and housing would not have been mine, I find the current Canon S90 and FIX90 housing to be the most capable, responsive (fast shutter), versatile and adaptable (to accessory lenses of all sorts) camera rig currently on the market. James
  12. Actually you want unexposed, but developed, slide film.
  13. If the internal strobe is still putting light on the subject then that explains why you got no improvement with the external strobe. The internal strobe must be blocked or you really are not accomplishing anything.
  14. Seems like the major improvement is the addition of the HD which is of no value to me. As to the drop-in fit, no, I doubt it. The case has been modified to incorporate stereo and I notice on the Canon USA site that they list the new housing as the DC-38 vs the DC-35 for the S90. I will be purchasing a spare S90 as soon as possible now.
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