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  1. Sorry, but this is a bit too low... I can't go below 1000€
  2. Hi, Price drop to 1000€ excluding shipping fee ! Raist
  3. Hi, Just get the answer from Harald and it's ok. Is the coupon still for sale? I have sent you an email. Thanks, Raist
  4. Hi, I am located in France. I would ship to Austalia. The strobe is 10 months old with 60 dives. I would lower the price to 1300€ excluding shipping fee. Thanks, Raist
  5. It is Nikon iTTL with S6 connector. If you need Canon eTTL it can be changed through software upgrade. You can ask Stephen Frink the price for this upgrade. Depending on the price I might be ready to deduce it from the strobe price if you would be interrested. Thanks, Raist
  6. Hi, Price reduction ! I am selling it at 1400€ now Thanks, Raist
  7. Hi, I might be interrested in the coupon. Can you send me a scan of it by mail or PM? (digireef_at_free.fr) I will validate with seacam that it is valid in my country. Thanks, Raist
  8. Hi, I am selling a Seacam Seaflash 250 TTL in order to upgrade my setup. Retail price is 1950€, I am selling it at 1600€. Thanks Raist
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