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  1. Thanks just the info I was after will forget about picture styles and use presets in Capture One as I only shoot in RAW.
  2. Has anyone bothered to try and create a custom underwater Picture Style with Canon EOS cameras. I have found that Canon themselves have developed I few more styles beyond the default options found here http://web.canon.jp/imaging/picturestyle/file/download.html but nothing specific to the underwater environment (I know this changes drastically and is probably why). If anyone would like to share their experiments with picture styles I would be very interested. Any additional comments on colour space recommendations would also be helpful. Thanks Pete
  3. Thanks everyone for the great information especially undertow that answered everything for me and I now know I will go with the Tokina first and look into the Canon in a few months. Cheers Pete P.S. Nice Tadpole
  4. I'd like some advice and feedback on the following two lens the Canon EF-S 10-22mm Wide Angle and the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye. I'm about to purchase either one but at the moment I'm a bit unsure which would be better for my purposes. I want a good lens for wrecks, sharks, mantas, scenery and if lucky enough whales. The Canon is more expensive however has a greater zoom range and can be used above water without the fisheye effect, however it can't focus as closely as the Tokina but can support filters with the right port. The Tokina is cheaper and as I understand it the fisheye effect is cancelled out underwater by the use of a dome port however it can't take filters. The Canon apparently is the equivalent of a 16-35mm zoom for a 35mm film camera so I don't know why they call it a 10-22mm however I am not sure if the Tokina is equialent to a 10-17mm 35mm film camera either. Marketing is a pain I just want the facts when I buy things. Also the Tokina has a macro ratio of 1:2.56 but I can't find the info for the Canon Macro ratio if it has one? If anyone can shed some light on these issues or has personal experience with these and even examples I would much appreciate it. Please dumb it down a bit I'm still learning all this stuff. Cheers Pete
  5. Being very new on this can't say they are the best in a while but can say they are Brilliant shots. From what I understand of all this jargon you took these using manual focus rather than letting the camera do the work correct?
  6. Love that shot of the Jelly fish. As for getting fish to sit still no hope. What I do find though is with macro shots on night dives the fish are more sedated and you get more subjects. You seem to have good depth of field with the Macro lense what aperature are you using. I'm still learning myself and found betweeen 7 and 11 f stop and about 60 speed on a night dive with a 100mm gave me good results. But don't take my word for it just play around that is what is working for me at the moment. Cheers
  7. I have added a few pics from Agin Court Reef from Saturdays dive. I have also changed my guest book to something more productive an online petition to get more moorings in Brisbane to protect the Coral so all those that have or will Dive in Brisbane please add your details. Also please rate my photos I am getting lots of hits according to my online reports and a lot of you are bookmarking my site which I really appreciate. But I need your constructive critism via the ratings feature. So far only friends are rating my pics and they tend to be a little bias. Thanks Pete
  8. The whale was just thrashing it's tale on the surface for over 15 minutes just looking for attention. Was quite funny really look at me look at me look at me. Made some noise too. If you read next months Dive log Nigel (wobby) wrote an article about the dive with the Groper he was just off Flat Rock (Stradbroke Island) on the western side. Seen them there before but never so friendly ususally shoot off. Boat Rock is another good place for them but bigger. As for the animation not much to it mate but plagarism but legal. Try Flashberrie.com took me about 15 mintues to do but shhhhh. It's a big secret. Cheers Pete Thanks mate maybe we'll run into each other one day around the wetter parts of Brisbane.
  9. My housing flooded last week but think it was my fault but will take it down again before I get a new camera to make sure. If not may have to call Byron to make a warranty claim. Thanks for the feedback. Say g'day to Rob and Angela for me keep meaning to get to one of those social nights but getting down south side is a hassle with traffic. Do you want me to post a link for Deep on my website would be happy to support you guys? Cheers Pete
  10. Please check out my new website at the link below I have some nice shots from Brisbane Australia and also some from holidays abroad. If you like what you see give my photos a rating or sign my guest book and post a link to your site. Also has google maps to destinations I have visited and a blog which I have just started. Hope you enjoy it. Marine Focus Underwater Photography
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