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  1. Hi all, i'm using a Easydive Leo housing and i found it really good. The concept: one housing for different cameras is a reality and also for professional uses (photo and video). View finder choices: the basic housing leave you the possibility to use the internal viewfinder of the camera. Is not for professional uses but is quite good to frame shots and to make also macros. Videos, with LiveView mode, are really easy to frame. For sure, during photography sessions, it will be better to use a special viewfinder. For this reason Easydive sells also different products. 1) The Easy Finder: a special view finder to be used inside the housing. This little divice is really important. Magnification i good, about 0,7 x and it very easy to frame images. A good concept leaving photographers free to change type of camera with only a software upgrade. 2) A special optical view finder. A product that will be available very soon. With this viewfinder it will be possible to make fantastics jobs. You will find more info and technical details on Easydive web site soon http://www.easydive.eu. 3) For better magnification, specially for macro, is also available the 45-degree Inon viewfinder. Easydive can sell housings with the Inon viewfinder installed or can install it on old Leo housings. 3 External monitor: a must for the video but i personally prefere the Optcal Viewfinder for photography. The Easy Finder The Optical Viewfinder The Inon 45 degree viewfinder installed on the Leo Using the default housing, without a special viewfinder, will be very easy to use different types of cameras and models. Same result with the Easy Finder but good magnification and good field of view at a reasonable price. With a special view finder will be more easy to frame and to work, but it will be necessary to change the position of the viewfinder with different cameras, changing also the back (plexiglass cover) of the housing. For professional users it will be possible to buy differents back panels with a different plaxiglass to insert the viewfinder. A great apportunity to use different types of cameras with the same housing, for rookies and also for professional users. I hope that this informations can be useful. Bye
  2. Yes, much better! Really improved. Bye
  3. Hi Loftus, how i was writing, i prepared a little article about D300 underwater with Sea&Sea MXD-D300. Sorry, for the moment only in italian, but i will translate it soon as possible. With an on line translator maybe you will able to read it. LINK http://www.erikhenchoz.com/news.asp?ID=53 Good dives Bye
  4. Hi Nigel, yes the 60 mm Micro Nikkor is one of my preferred lens for macro and portraits, easy to use and good for a lot of shots. The picture of dugong was maked with the 10.5 fisheye, the little octopus with the Micro 60. Now i'm considering the new Micro 60 from Nikon and also the Micro 105 Vr, i don't use very often my Micro 105 lens .. i found it very slow and some time difficult to focusing ... i love manual focus ... maybe the new one (VR version) is better... In any case the old 60 Micro (AF version) is really a great lens. Bye
  5. Hi Loftus, at first i really appreciate the new LCD creen. Is very big, bright and very easy to check images and focus. Really usefull more bright and great underwater, better than the LCD of my D200 or my Fuji S5 pro. I really love also the Self-cleaning sensor unit, i was be able to cleaning the sensor to times in one week because i was also making photos in dusty places (Egyptian desert), and the cleaning function goes very well. Camera controls on housing are very good, seems more precise than my DX-D200, expecially for F-Stop dial. The D300 is a very good camera, i appreciate the new autofocus it seems more accurate expecially for macro. Very good, fast (better then D200) also in low light. Another big step is the sensitivity of the CMOS, really good shots also with hight ISO (ISO 1600) and good noise reduction. Definetly: very good mages with accurate and real colours. I think that the EXPEED image processing system is a important big step that make the difference. Finalliy i found Nikon D300 very easy to use, very good exposures, good AF-Lock, fast autofocus, easy to check images on LCD (expecially underwater with the big and hight resolution LCD) and grat results with good colors. In Marsa Alam i was using D300 with MDX-D300, TTL CONTROLLER III and 2 YS-90 DUO, Custom Flat Port (form macro) and optical fisheye (lens: Micro 60 mm F2.8 Nikkor and DX AF Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED). I will test next days new Ys-250 and also different Nikon lens. I will prepare a complete article speaking about my personal impressions using this equipment, maybe could be interesting for some UW photographers. Very happy that you appreciate my images and sorry for my poor english. Many thanks
  6. Hi Guys, finishing our new workshop i started to use my new gear MDX-D300 by Sea&Sea. A very good equipment! The big LCD on Nikon D300 is fantastic, and the housing is great ... Here you can find a photo gallery with some shots taken during a dive in Marsa Abu Dabbab and another one in Samadai reef. D300 is a very good photo camera, very big step from D200. All picture was taken with a 60 mm Micron Nikkor F2.8 and the 10.5 mm Fisheye + the optical dome port. If you are thinking to upgrade your UW photo equipment is time to try a Nikon D300 with an MDX-D300 :-). The underwater life - Abu Dabbab - Marsa Alam - May 2008 Many thanks
  7. Hi Nick, many thanks for your message. Yes, same thinks happend to me with my L&M battery pods but they contain NiMh batteries and no lithium-ion like Lx-33 lights. Some limitations about lithium-ion are now used on USA flights and idon't know if same think happend in different countries. I never used this lights and i would know if some wetpixel member is using it :-), good lights? Usefull for uw video? In any case many thanks for you answer i appreciate very much! Good dives
  8. Hi guys i'm interested to know if someone using or had used Sea&Sea Lights Lx-33. Actually this product don't appear on Sea&Sea web site but searching on Google the page still exist ttp://www.seaandsea.jp/products/light/lx33/index.html. I like this lights for neutral boyancy (only 35 gr underwater) but i would like to know (if possibile) if are good lights for uw video. I'm also a little scared about possibles problems with Lithium-ion batteries and restrictions with airports check-in and flights. Maybe some members could give me more informations. I never used this lights and i'm very curious to know your impressions. Many thanks
  9. I Bob, great macro video! Did you maked it with Gates Flat port + diopters or just the port? Many thanks, very curious to know your hosing and HC7 setup.
  10. Good :-), in any case is would be a good idea to use this fix also to be sure and don't loose your new protection. I advise to use it with your new protection rubber, is better to don't use glue but to put the Sea&Sea protection normally and, after, to put over it the piece of tube. With this very little fix you will nerver loose it, a simple idea but it works! Here the new rubber mounted over the Sea&Sea protection Glad to write you Bye
  11. Hi all i just post a little fix for the rubber protection used on the Sea&Sea viewfinders (DX and MDX housing types). In last weeks i lost underwater 2 times this rubber ring. Is a very usefull accessory because it protect our mask from the metallic viewfinder but i lost it too often. The reason is very simple: the glue used is not very strong and with salt water with some dives the protection will be very easy to loose. So i prepared a little rubber ring maked from Mountain bike tunes. Is very easy to do, works very well and could be used also in case you loose the protection and you don't want to buy another one. In fact the rubber can be used with the original rubber ring mounted or simply alone. You find more details and photos on my forum using this link. I hope it could be interesting, especially for Sea&Sea owners ... Bye
  12. Hi, i'm confuse a little too. Very strange results with different cameras and firmware... So it will a very good think to have more informations about photographers using the stuff. Keep in touch Bye and many thanks Hi, bad news so .... i was trying with differents camera and with Fuji S5 Pro was firing with different flashes... I hope to understand more naxt days. Many thanks
  13. Hi guys and thank you to helping me with my little tests! Sorry for my poor english i will be more precise: my test was maked with a D200 (version 2.0), a new Fuji S5 PRO ad a Dx-D200. 1) With 2 YS-90DUO all works fine with the D200, with the Fuji S5 PRO sometimes flashes don't fire .... 2) With 1 YS-90DUO and 1 YS-110 with D200 ... the first (YS-90) was not firing at all, with the Fuji was firing but not sure about TTL working. So i'm still testing ad i will make some new tries ... for that reason i was searching more informations and news on the web :-) In any case thank you, i hope to receive other impressions and results here, especially using the news Ys-250 ... some people say that don't works with the TTL Converter... Bye all
  14. Hi guys, a lot of people in Antibes ! At this time was testing my new TTL CONVERTER III in Sharm el Sheikh with good results. A lot of news: first the new Converter comes with a new case for the battery and now the polarity are inverted ... i think no more problems with no Sea&Sea housings. The very big difference between the second release is now the possibility to use different Sea&Sea Flash! I was using an Ys-90 Duo and the new Ys-110 with good results but not sure about TTL working. I published a little article on my web site (for the moment only in italian, i will translate soon as possible in english) with some demo pictures. I hope it could help. Someone using this new converter? Give me some impressions it will be interesting for me. LINK TO THE ARTICLE Many thanks Bye
  15. Hi Dan, yes i'm using also a Joby tripod buyed in Australia in April and is very usefull, for video in macro mode!!! ERIK
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