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  1. I'm selling a 45° viewfinder made for sea and sea D200/S5 housings Perfect condition Price : 450 euros http://forum-photosub.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1075 Contact via MP Thanks
  2. Hi , I'm selling this converter working with YS 250 PRO strobes. Works perfectly with Sea-Sea housings MDX-D3,MDX-D300,DX-D200,DX-S5Pro,DX-D80,DX-D70,DX-D50. 250 euros contact via PM
  3. Hi Dan I'm also a fond of panoramic cameras and i'm using 2 cameras the horizon 202 and my last one the noblex 135 N I'm really satisfied with both topside but I'm pessimistic about using them UW, because you will only use available light (no strobe connections and not enough coverage of them) The use of the Horizon in a housing should be possible , but what about the Noblex with its aperture selctor wheel on the drum itself ?? anyway pamoramic pictures are always terrific , I think you should try it UW with a DSLR and then paste pictures together
  4. Hi guys, I'm selling Seacam ports : * 1 fp fisheye 800 euros * 1 #105 for 60 mm nikon 150 euros both for 900 euros, they are like new contact me via mp regards
  5. Hi guys, I'm selling : * my Nikon D2X * its Seacam housing, without ports, viewfinder sport both in excellent condition (as new) each one can be sold separately. please contact me for more information by e mail : juntereiner "at" yahoo.fr Thanks
  6. extraordinaire !! Really awesome pictures I like them especially the first one letting us know we are underwater ... Far far away from the usual and so boring pool images I can see here in france Bravo
  7. Thanks arnon , i m quite satisfied with the highlights of the d2x even if in this case my "old" RS is still unreachable ....
  8. Hi guys, I've just finished the new galery "Mer d'Andaman" of my website. This is a panel of pictures taken in Thailand last month with the D2X. Comments are welcome ;-) http://www.imagebleue.com
  9. I use the flat port for the 60 MM nikon (ref 105 by Seacam) plus the 12:24 extension ring but a smaller should be OK for there's just a need of a few mm more than the #105 flat port . The length of the lens doesn't change while focusing
  10. hi guys, I've received today this new lens, my first impressions are : * very big heavy and wide, fits my seacam housing with only 3 mm of space remaining on the side. * no variation of length , due to the AFS system * professional construction quality *very fast AF system I like it !!! first UW pictures next week. (my D2X is happy)
  11. thanks all , eh eh that's right my D2X's configuration is very heavy , a big transition coming fron the D70 .... but it's worthwhile !!! terrific AF speed ! For the dives : a good viz', wonderful sites and not so much divers : there's no doubt Thailand is back !
  12. and the last two ones for now, comments are welcome
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