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  1. I can confirm that. Been on the BOOT show last Saturday and had a chat with Harald and Kurt. I was wondering if the MKII would fit in my current 5D housing (which does not work that easy). Any way, I really like the new locks, since I have jammed my fingers several times (I guess I gotta learn to handle these better...). Cheers,
  2. Hi Guys, thanks for your help! He has choosen to buy the Tokina and is really happy with that lens - both on land and under water. Here is one picture he shot last weekend, when we tested our new gear (his new Tokina with Nikon D2x and me testing new Seaflash strobes with Canon EOS 5D).
  3. Last weekend I had the chance to test the strobe in the wild - It's been a fun! Unfortunatly the visibility was quite bad, and the water was cold, but it has been a pleasure taking some pcitures of pikes and perch...
  4. Last weekend I had the chance to testdive my new toys. They worked quite well, both in manual mode as well in TTL with my EOS 5D. Since it has been in a pool, there are no presentable pictures to share with you. I'm really looking forward to the first test in "the wild"...=;-)) One thing that I really like about them is that the rechargeable batteries can be taken off - this is a real advantage compared to my "old" Subtronics. Forget about those long debates at airport check-ins... Anyone interested in buying a Subtronic Gamma (with a quite new battery pack, changed by Subtronic)??
  5. Ah, I see. OK, I'm about to run a first testdive tomorrow (although it will be in a pool) and happy to report then. I'm really curious...
  6. Hi Cor, thanks for this. I think with all that input he will now surely opt for the Tokia (although the Nikons seem to be avaliable quite cheep on the hand market second hand...but you have to clean them from dust....)
  7. Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. That sounds very convincing indeed.
  8. Thanks for that link, we must have missed this one. Seems that the 16 Nikon just fall from the list and the Tokina is worthwile to think of... The question is do we really want to file the corners of the dome sunshade...? Hi Warren, thanks for your input, which is really helpful! Now we dropped the 16mm from the list. The final question is now 10.5 vs Tokina...
  9. Hi Tom, thanks for replying and your great example of the usage of the 10.5. We did check out the recent discussions on the Tokina-Zoomlens, but unfortunatly there was no real comparison to the fixed Nikons, hence we raised this question here. My friend just wants to accomplish his set of lenses with just ONE fisheye-lens and wants to figure out which one would fit best... Kind regards, Ghostpipe PS: I'm glad that this question is not applicable to me, since the Tokina would not fit to my fullframe EOS 5D...
  10. I use the 10.5mm and shot these whale sharks with it using a D200 Andy, graet shots! What was the distance to the whale shark then? Do you think a 16mm would not work for objects like this? Kind regards, Mathias
  11. Hi there, a friend of mine, who shoots with a Nikon D2x in a Seacam housing, is considering to buy a Fisheye - but we are struggling in choosing the right one. What would you prefer - Nikon 10.5 or 16, or even the Tokina 10-17? The lens shall be used behind the Seacam Superdome. Thanks for your recommendations.
  12. I've got them now delivered and cannot await to test them underwater within the next days. Took a few shots above water and they seem to work well. Is there no one who has already made some experiences?? Cheers, Ghostpipe
  13. Hi Guys, I'm about to receive my new toys in a few weeks. Whilst waiting, I was just wondering if anyone of you had already the chance to test them? Cheers, Ghostpipe
  14. We both share the same thinking. Although facing awkward situations at airlines checkin's everytime, I kind of liked my Subtronic Gamma, but when it sudenly went out of order I've been confronted with their service approach which I would not call "state-of-the-art" By the way, language has not been the problem here Happy to help you if you need support.
  15. Thanks Damsel for your thoughts on this, which I really appreciate. I have to agree that the Seacam stuff ain't cheap at all... , but the quality is well beyond the average. That's why I was wondering if their arms would exceed others as well, but this might not be the case... Cheers.
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